Can request # of grafts?

I am thinking about getting a hair transplant. Most places that I have consulted with recommend me getting between 1200-1800 grafts. I understand that the more grafts that I get, the higher they are paid. However, I am concerned about a few things. I am concerned how my donor area will look afterwards and I don’t want to lose donor area hair if the doctor did not do a great job. How would I know how many hairs were actually transplanted? I wouldnt mind doing another transplant if the first time was a good job. What percentage of those harvested get transplanted? thanks for advice.

Of course you can request a certain number of grafts, but you want to ask the doctor what makes sense when you take such a step. I believe strongly in a Master Plan as hair loss is a progressive process and the donor supply of permanent hair is limited. I refer to this as a Hair Bank where you can only make withdrawals. You need to find a doctor who believes strongly in a Master Plan, as hair loss is a progressive process and the donor supply of permanent hair is limited. What has to be done is to:  (1) predict your short term hair loss pattern, (2) estimate your long term worst-case hair loss pattern and (3) give you quantitative number for how many hairs (grafts) you have in your hair bank. As you make withdrawals, it is a one-way process. I also like to give my patients a plan for surgery and an estimate of what they can expect in terms of result. I spend a lot of time with my patients just in the consultation and then similar amounts of time are spent prior to the surgery. We give hair washes after the surgery to make sure that there is no crusting so that my patients can go out in public immediately after the surgery (see here: and here: . These patients can go back to work quickly using what hair they have to cover up the surgical recipient sites. We also use a special tape to prevent swelling in the few people that get it.

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