Prozac Causing Clumps of Hair to Fall Out Within Days

I’m 35 years old female. Due to my panic attacks, I was on Zoloft for 3 months and changed to Prozac for 5 days, but it’s was too strong for me and my hair was falling, so I stopped the medication and everything was great because my panic attacks also stopped, but after one month later, all of sudden, last 4 days or so, whenever i touch my hair, big clumps of hair falls out every day and I’m very concerned and worried. What should I do??? PLEASE HELP!!1

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You need to see a good doctor who can figure out what is happening to you. Woman’s hair loss is complicated. Prosac or Zoloft can cause hair loss along with many other medications. You need to get evaluated by a good doctor. In New York, make an appointment with Dr. Robert Bernstein.

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Patches of Hair Loss from Medication?

I am 31 years old, and I have noticed patches of my hair have been falling out in certain areas. Friends have noticed as well, especially right at the front of my forehead. I have been on birth control for several years ortho novum 777, and recently changed to a new pill this month called (low estrogen), due to medicine I am taking for seizures(Topamax) What can I take to help this? I don’t want my hair falling out. Please help me

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Some of the medications you are taking can cause hair loss, but patches of hair loss on one side of your head indicate either an infection problem (like ringworm) or a condition called alopecia areata. You need to see a specialist for this. It is not for me (over the internet) to diagnose your problem, but it does need a competent medical expert.

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Jintropin HGH and Hair Loss

hey doc, i am a 36 year old man who always had such thick hair up to a year ago. To some it may even appear to still be thick cuz its wavy. I started propecia about 9 months ago and it was effective for regrowth and maintenance. However, i started taken 2iu’s of jintropin about 4 months ago and noticed more sheading. Can jintropin cause this to increase, and if so, why. In all my readings hgh was supposed to help in hair growth and maintenance. Is it the combo of propecia, procerin, and hgh that is causing this. Im also taking 10grams of l-arginine

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Human growth hormone can cause hair loss. If this is not being done under a doctor’s care, then simply stop it and maybe you will arrest the hair loss process. If you are being treated by a doctor, then check with that doctor on the relationship I have discussed here. You are playing with fire with regard to your hair loss and may get burned (in other words, you can lose even more hair) You might feel healthier, but can you manage undergoing progressive hair loss because of the jintropin?

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As Accutane Treatment is Ending, Propecia Stopped Working!

Help! I’m a 36-year-old who has been on Propecia for about 8 years. Over the past couple of months, I have noticed a dramatic thinning of my hair. Interestingly, the thinning appears to have started just as I ended a 6-month Accutane treatment. What is happening? What can I do now that Propecia has stopped working? Am I a good candidate for Avodart?

I’ve written you three times on this matter. Please answer. I’m desperate!

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You could have thinning secondary to Accutane build-up. Stopping Accutane may help. Avodart, as I have said over and over again, is not FDA approved for hair loss. Although it is used by some doctors, I have only prescribed it once and am not about to start going ‘off label’ for many reasons that I do not wish to discuss here. Simply put, safety and effectiveness have not been demonstrated for Avodart in the long term on young men with hair loss. I am not your doctor and you need to have a doctor who is vested in your condition. Between you and your doctor, you need to build a Master Plan to deal with your hair loss. You need to have your hair mapped out for miniaturization to see if the thinning you are seeing is ‘patterned’ or not. Pattern analysis of miniaturized hairs may help you distinguish the difference between genetic hair loss and Accutane effects. Give it some time and see what happens in the next 6 months.

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Seasonale and Hair Loss

I just turned 40 (female) and have been on Seasonale for almost 2 years. Over the last 6 mos. I have noticed my hair seems to be dramatically thinning at the hairline around my face. I can see my scalp through my hair and my hairline may also be receding a bit. Haven’t been able to find concrete info. on the androgen levels in Seasonale and link to hair loss. Can’t find any pics of similar hair loss to compare it to. Stress could also be a concern but don’t know where to go for answers….Thanks!

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This is a different type of hormone / birth control approach. Any hormone alteration has the potential to produce changes in hair numbers (loss), thickness of the hair shaft, and texture of the hair. The posts I read from users on the various internet boards seem to have either enthusiastic opinions of it, or are generally negative. It would not be a surprise to find out that this induced hair loss in some women.

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How Can I Tell If My Hair Loss is MPB or from Accutane?

Comments of Accutane inducing hair loss raised my concern. I’ve been through two sessions of the drug, the first round 5 years ago and the latest last year, and have experienced recession of the hair-line. Attributing the hair loss to genetics, I began splitting Proscar (Finasteride) tablets 3 years ago. Since then, progression of hair loss at least isn’t significant, but may still be worsening. Photos from years ago are difficult to compare to the present. If the hair loss I’ve noticed is along temples in the normal MPB fashion, could the problem be a result of Accutane? If Accutane were the culprit, wouldn’t it cause an overall thinning of scalp and not be so localized at the temples? Further, if the balding is from Accutane, is Finasteride a proper treatment?


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DuckIf it quacks like it duck, it probably is a duck. If your hair loss is in the pattern of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and there are characteristics typical of MPB miniaturization, then your hair loss is probably be due to MPB. Hair loss from Accutane may persist after stopping the drug and may precipitate patterned hair loss in men and generalized decreased hair bulk in men and women.

To have a correct diagnosis, you need your scalp hair evaluated for miniaturization and be able to quantify the “thinning” or the hair loss. It is the best way to follow the effects of finasteride.

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Neurontin and Hair Loss

I am female and 45. I was on Neurontin for nerve damage and most of my hair fell out quickly in clumps after being on it for about 3-4mos. I assumed the medication did it but then I had a biopsy and a diagnosis of alopecia due to either Telogen Effluvium or Andrognetic. At this point, one year later, I have very little hair and I am not sure if it is growing back or not. Do you have any thoughts on whether this is an accurate diagnosis and what my chnces are for my hair to grow back? Thanks

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It is difficult to second guess your diagnosis without a proper physical examination. Neurontin may have been a factor in your hair loss. Generally when hair loss occurs due to a trigger (such as stress, hormones, drugs, age, etc) it is impossible to tell if hair will return even if the offending trigger is removed. Hair loss is not an exact science. Scientists still cannot define and pinpoint the exact cause of hair loss.

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Adderall and Hair Loss

If adderall does cause hair loss, then what is the explanation behind it? i.g. lack of blood flow to the sclap, increase in stress hormones?

Thank You

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This drug is both a neuro-stimulant and an appetite depressant. When it causes hair loss (side effect) the mechanism may be related to the weight loss that follows and could be nutritional. It could also be a direct effect of the drug on hair growth.

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Soriatane and Hair Loss

Hello, I am a 49year old female and experienced hair loss on my scalp for about a year but much more noticeable in the last 6 months. I have been on Effexor for about 4 years and have been up and down in dosage as high as 225mg and as low as 75mg. I also started taking soriatane for my psoriasis about a year ago. My dermatologists thinks that it is the soriatane that is causing the hair loss, not the Effexor. Can you tell me what the more likely medication would be?

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Many medications have the potential for hair loss as its side effect. Before changing any medication regimen you should consult your doctor. There is no way to tell which medication may be the cause of your hair loss, and in fact, it may not even be the medication. You may also consider if there are any medical causes of hair loss. These are the things that you should be discussing with your doctor (see the Female Hair Loss category for more).

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