7 Year Old Daughter Has Telogen Effluvium

My daughter’s hair has been falling out since mid July. She is 7 years old, and other than her hair falling out seems perfectly healthy. Her pediatrician referred me to a dermatologist who said it was telogen effluvium. I cannot think of any event that could have triggered this. She had the flu in mid April and the hair started falling out in mid July. Could this be a cause? Does hair typically grow back? Do I have any options for her other than just waiting it out?

A very worried Mom.

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There is much written on the subject. You need to understand that there is much we do not know. The acute phase of the disease entity may disappear in about 3-6 months from the time of onset. If there is a chronic form present, it may last a great deal longer. Read the material below. Good luck!

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Successful Hair Regrowth After Treating Hypothyroidism?

I am a 35 year old female who was recently diagnosed with “borderline” hypothyroidism.

I discoved this issue after I sought medical attention for sudden diffuse hair loss that had been going on for about 5 months. (I finally stopped believing people who told me it was just stress!)

I am starting with a .025 Synthroid treatment.

My question is, Is there a chance that my hair loss will stop and reverse? This is a huge concern and I have not seen very many success stories on the internet. My Dr. says it is very likely that this will happen once we treat the underlying issue (hypothyroidism) but what are that statistics of successful hair regrowth? Are there other treatments I should ask my Dr about regarding this side effect?

Thank you.

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The answer is not a simple yes or no. The hair goes through cycles and the rest period between cycles is 3-7 months. That means to me that if you wait out this timing after the thyroid has returned to normal, then you will probably know the answer. The variable is your genetic clock. Are you carrying the genetic hair loss gene? Did the hypothyroidism trigger expression of that gene? No way to really tell, unfortunately.

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Spots Suddenly Appearing in Moustache and Beard

I am a 25 year old male. A couple of months ago i noticed a tiny bald spot in the moustache after shaving. I ignored it then. Today such spots have appeared all over the moustache and beard. My hair is perfectly fine. I am extremely worried. Please advise what i should do.

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See a dermatologist to make a diagnosis. Things like fungal infections or autoimmune problems could be the cause. Get an expert opinion.

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Scared to Lose My Hair with Chemotherapy

I’m a 22 year old girl who will be starting chemo the first week of November ’07. While the thought of treatment is really scary, what’s scaring me the most is knowing that I’ll be losing my hair outwardly looking ill. I’ve been doing a huge amount of research on any ways to retain my hair during treatment. I keep ending up hitting a product called Thymu-Skin. I can’t find any sites that discuss if there are any side effects to using this product while on chemo.

Can you please help me out with this? I’d really appreciate it!!


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Chemotherapy does not necessarily mean you will lose hair. Hair loss depends on the specific drug used in chemotherapy. Your doctor who will be overseeing your chemotherapy treatment should be able to answer all of your questions and tell you how chemotherapy will affect your health and hair. The good news is that if you lose your hair, it will probably come back strong after the growth cycle is invoked.

To my knowledge, there is no FDA approved product to prevent hair loss from chemotherapy. With respect to ThymuSkin, I have heard of this product from patients and readers like you. Most accounts of its success/failure are based on anecdotal accounts. Despite the claim of ‘research’ and publications, they are rarely in peer reviewed mainstream journals and even if it is, the design of the study needs to be scrutinized for biases in the research. A theme that often echoes here on BaldingBlog is that it is a “buyer beware” market.

Of note, the ThymuSkin website seems to account the expertise of Dr. Morton Walker. Dr Walker is a doctor of podiatry medicine (D.P.M.) I am confused how a foot doctor came to be an expert in hair loss and the thymus.

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Hair Dye Allergy Caused Hair Loss — Will it Regrow?

About 6 months ago, I started to dye my hair black (it is naturally blond – what can I say;) ?) Anyway, I’ve just discovered that I am allergic to PPD and have stopped using the hair dye. My now last treatment (which was a week ago and the reaction was really bad) has caused me to lose hair. Its not breakage, as the whole hair including the root, comes out. Its not what I would consider very severe as it is not coming out in clumps, but it is certainly very noticable, especially when I wash it as I have a nice size “wad” I have to take out of the tub.

Is this something, that hopefully, will subside soon, and what are the odds of that hair growing back?

Thanks for any help you might be able to offer

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If you hair loss was from a local allergic reaction to a hair dye, then it should grow back. Typically, you will have to wait 3-6 months, but you may have to wait as long as a year to find out.

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Hair Loss from a Haircut?

I’m 42 and I’ve never had any problems with my hair.Infact there is no history of hair loss in my family.I had my hair cut with thinning shears 3 times within a two month period(this was 9 months ago)My hair never grew back on the top as thick as it was before. Is it possible the repeated thinning haircuts could still be affecting my hair?

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The haircut may have shown you hair that is on its way out. This miniaturized hair often does not grow, so when you cut it, it just hangs there until it eventually falls out. Thinning the hair with scissors should not impact healthy hair.

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Does Drinking Alcohol Contribute to Hair Loss?

Hi Dr. Rassman,

I am a 26 y/o male in the early stages of genetic hair loss. I have a quick question for you. Does the consumption of alcoholic beverages (whether it be beer or liquor)contribute to hair loss if you have genetic balding? Also does smoking cigarettes cause hair loss if you have genetic balding? Do they have a synergistic effect if used together? I notice that everytime after a night of drinking and smoking (I only smoke when I drink), more hair tends to fall out the next day. I looked through your past postings but did not see anything relative to this topic.

Also, are there any hair transplant doctors that you could recommend in the DC/MD area or the NY area?

I appreciate your help Dr. Rassman, I read your blog everyday!

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With people who drink excessively, diet and vitamin deficiency commonly becomes a cause for hair loss. After heavy drinking, there are stress reactions that can precipitate hair loss. The more of these bouts of drinking, the greater the stress on your body. Drinking does impact the liver and the liver is a critical organ in managing hormones in your body’s metabolism. As for smoking, please see previous posts regarding that.

Dr. Robert Bernstein has offices in New York and New Jersey and is a great hair transplant doctor.

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My Transplanted Areas Have Gotten Very Thin

i am a 32 year old male who has had 2 transplant surgeries that have been very successful. i have recently noticed the tranplanted areas have thinned quite a bit all within about a weeks time. could this be due to stress? i thought transplanted hair always remained. is it possible for the new growth to be affected by dht?
thank you

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Something is wrong here. Transplanted hair does not usually fall out, even with stress. If you still have native hair in the area where you are reporting the loss and the hair was taken from the true donor rim (not above or below it), you most probably are losing the hair around the transplants. If that is the case, see a good doctor, get your hair mapped out for miniaturization and then you will know for sure what is happening to you. Propecia may stop the loss. The only reasonable explanation if you are really losing your transplanted hair is that the donor hair will be reacting the same way and this diagnosis will be very evident from mapping out your hair for miniaturization in the donor area (from where the hair was originally taken). If you’d like to see me in my Los Angeles office, please call 800-NEW-HAIR to setup a free consultation (and please reference this post when calling).

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Improper Shaving Techniques Causing Damage to Follicles?

I am a 31 year old Caucasian male. My facial hair is most prominent around the mustache and chin areas of my face.

I am concerned about what I perceive to be irreversible “damage” to some of the hair follicles on my face from shaving. I now seem to have small “bald” patches from improper shaving techniques (shaving against the grain, shaving without allowing enough hot water to soften the beard).

These bald patches in my beard show up pretty well as my facial hair is dark and I seem to have 5 o’clock shadow even after shaving.

Will these hair follicles ever repair? Can I use Rogaine to revive them? Are there any other suggestions you can offer me (besides being more careful with my daily shaving routine)? Help!

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ShavingUnless your shaving technique involves cutting into the skin by 5mm and shaving off the the top skin layer, you cannot damage your hair follicle.

The bald spots on your face were likely there before and you are just noticing them or you have a disease like alopecia areata that is causing these bald spots to appear.

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Wife Losing Hair After Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

My 62 year old wife had heart valve replacement surgery over a year ago. Since that time she has been steadily losing hair — not in clumps, but rather over her entire head. Her dermatologist advised that this may well be due to the stress of the surgery.

a) Do you agree? if so

b) then what can she do about this,and how long should it last before the hair
grows back?


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I agree with the dermatologist that the stress of the surgery may be causing your wife’s hair loss. We know that those people who carry the genetic hair loss genetics, can precipitate hair loss from stress. Furthermore, certain medications that your wife is probably taking (after the valve replacement) may also be contributing to the hair loss. There is not much you can do about this type of medication induced hair loss if these medications are critical to your overall health. Explore the medications with your dermatologist. You should never change or stop any medication without discussing it with your doctor first.

There is a good chance that the hair will return after the hair goes through its sleep (telogen) cycle. That generally takes 3-6 months. Minoxidil may help as well.

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