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age 27 Male
Hi, i have dandruff and when i go for my jogs my scalp really starts to itch, it gets intense sometimes… so i scratch all around my head really hard and fast which usually relieves the annoying hot itchy sensation. my question is, by scratching hard and vigorously on the irritated sections of the scalp could this cause any sorts of hair loss? right now its the only remedy that works and it feel good too.

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Scratching at the same point can produce a form of hair loss called traction alopecia. See a good dermatologist and find out why you are itching soooooo much.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could put some rumors to rest that people always talk about in relation to hairloss. Thank you very much!

  1. Does hair gel, palmaid, etc.. cause (more) hair loss?
  2. If someone starts balding at a young age such as 18 or 19, is it almost certain that they will lose all their hair?
  3. When Propecia/rogaine cause cause initial shedding due to beginning the medication, will the shedded hair grow back if one stops the medication?

Thanks again doctor. I’ve heard a lot of rumors and wanted to clarify!

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  1. Pomade (a greasy or waxy substance for hair styling) should not produce hair loss. Neither should gel.
  2. For those who start balding early and want to know what the future holds for them, if they get their hair mapped out for miniaturization and it shows a Norwood class 7 pattern of thinning, then the prospects for advanced balding would be a good bet. But if you have only frontal miniaturization, then you may not have evidence of going bald. Get yourself assessed by a good doctor and build a Master Plan (it sounds like a broken record as I keep advising this in all young men).
  3. For those people who go through a shedding phase with minoxidil or Propecia, the hair that is shed should grow back as the hair cycle completes into the anagen phase.
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Im so glad I ran into this website. There is no baldness in my family, however, my hair has been thinning out and i’m only 27. For the past 3 years my shower heads pressure has been really strong and I love just standing there under it for a long time with really hot/warm water. Can too much water pressure be causing my hair to thin out???? and will my hair grow back out once i chance the pressure???

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People try to look for causes of hair loss like shower heads and water pressure and you are not the first one to ask, but considering your age, you are probably genetically balding or thinning. Get a diagnosis by getting your hair mapped out for miniaturization and then if you do have genetic balding, treat it properly. High pressure showers will not cause hair loss, that is, unless the hair is ‘hanging by a thread‘.

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i have MPB and last year had a corneal transplant procedure done last summer. Since then i’ve had to use a steriod eye drop (predforte) in my eye once a day to prevent rejection. I’ve been taking propecia for 3.5 months now and still see hairloss, could the eye drop be accelerating the the hair loss? P.S. i am 21 years old

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I would doubt the connection from steroids in your eye to hair loss induced by steroids systemically. The stress from surgery can accelerate MPB. Stay on the Propecia.

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“Scientists from the Institute of General Genetics have discovered the reason of growing bald, a hereditary disease called hypotrichosis, partial or full hair loss.”

Russia Info-Centre — No More Bald People

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Interesting connection. Now if they can only find a cure! I am familiar with hypertrichosis, but not hypotrichosis as a syndrome. From the definition in Wikipedia, hypotrichosis is a hereditary problem, but can be associated with a variety of other conditions. Other than the clarity in the definitions, I can not add any value here.

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You’ve wrote that minoxidil and finasteride may not be effective treatment for DUPA. What might be some of the more common treatments available to men suffering from this condition?


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Unfortunately there is no medical treatment for DUPA (diffuse unpatterned alopecia). I have recently seen a patient with substantial reversal of DUPA on finasteride alone, but this is not what we normally see. For this young man, the reversal brought his hair back to almost normal fullness.

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I have swelling in neck region lymph node from last three months. Positive for TB after FNAC test. Not yet taken medication. Doctors suspects extra pulmonary TB. Lungs are clear in xray. I have hair loss. Is it just cuz of TB and will it be continue if i take medication regularly? Is it temporary or permanent hair loss? Or i regain hairs after treatment, cuz i have no hereditary for hair loss in my family. i have very low density of hairs now. no bald spots but hairs density getting lower.

please help respond me soon

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Before worrying about hair loss, you need to see a doctor (or continue seeing a doctor) to have your medical problems treated. Tuberculosis can manifest in many ways, which can include hair loss due to weight loss and chronic illness issues. If your hair loss is not genetic, it may be due to the stress on your body from the disease process, but if you add genetic hair loss on the disease problem, it will probably not come back. Generally you hair should return, but there is no guarantees and you do not have genetic hair loss compounding your problem.

From a historical perspective, hair loss was very common in the cities when TB ran wild. That was why a woman looked for a hairy man to qualify a man as a prospective husband. If a man lost his hair, the presumption was that they had TB and would probably die from it, not living long enough to provide family support for the long term.

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Hello the question i have is about my six year old son. He fell and hit his head causing a large bump. After the swelling went down we noticed his hair fell out in the same spot. Is this normal and should we be concerned? I greatly appreciate any feed back.

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Any trauma on the scalp skin can force hair follicles to enter the telogen (resting) phase. The telogen phase may last up to 6 months, so you should expect that your son start growing the lost hair back in about 3 to 6 months in that area. I am assuming that there is no laceration which caused a scar.

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(female) I am a 45 year old lung cancer survivor. I had chemothrapy and 2 surgeries. The chemo was taxotere and cisplatin this was 3 1/2 years ago.i lost all of my hair including eyebrows and eyelashes as of today my hair on my head has not grown fully back nor the rest of my body. The dermatologist I have visited do not know what to make of it.


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Congratulations on surviving lung cancer! Unfortunately, hair loss from chemotherapy is common. While your hair should return/grow back to its original state, sometimes it takes much longer (over a year) or for reasons unknown hair does not grow back to its original state. If your hair has not come back in over 3 years, there is a good chance it will not return. There are no known medications or treatments to grow back that hair.

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I had loss of hair below the donor strip. Will that be permanent.

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TE, when it occurs after the donor strip was removed, almost always returns (most of the lost hair), because this donor hair is not miniaturized unless the patient has DUPA (Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia) or there is vascular compromise of the skin around the wound.

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