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I am 19 years old, male. I have been strugling with what, I have recently found, must be Congential Temporal Triangular Alopecia. I’ve had a receded hairline, mainly on the sides, including the temples, for as long as I can remember. My hair has always been full enough in the widow’s peak, front, portion that I could style it to (try to) hide it. (I feel like I am getting to old for that now though, I’m going to have to admit my terrible hairline exists eventually.) But it’s always been there; in fourth grade the girl I sat next to in class first told me that I had a receding hairline. Since then, it has been un uphill battle. I’m now a freshman in college, and my hair is getting to me more than it ever has before. It’s hard to see most of my classmates enjoying their youthful hair, and I’m left with a hairline worse than most 50 year olds.

But, back to the condition. I have bald temples, more or less, on both sides. The right side seems to be a little worse than the left. As far as hair loss, I think I may have been experiencing it my whole life (I have always toweled off my body first when I get out of the shower, or else I will get little hairs, from my head, all over my body,) but I can’t be sure as to the extent, since I have nothing to compare it with. I have never had hairloss come in patches, though. And I don’t know if I am actually losing my hair, or if it’s just my naturally bad hairline playing tricks on me. I know you are going to suggest that I see a physician to find out whether or not I am experiencing genetic balding, which I will do, but my concern now lies in the condition itself. I haven’t been able to find out much about it. I am also interested in treatment options. I have considered, later down the line, maybe transplating some hair to my temples so my hairline doesn’t go back like a V and STRAIGHT down at the sides (like it does now). I have included pictures, but I ask that you do NOT publish them, I’m sure you can understand why. Thank you so much for your time; I have been struggling with this for so long alone, and it feels great to have someone knowledgable on the subject to ask questions of.

Thanks again

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As per your request, I have not published the photos you included with your email. Thank you for sending them though, as it is a big help when answering questions like this.

If what you have is indeed triangular alopecia (it looks that way to me), hair transplantation is a good option. I would want to know if you have any miniaturization anywhere else in your scalp. You could also have genetic balding that is not seen in your photographs, and it may not yet appear at your present age. If you have genetic balding as you get older, then you may not have enough hair (supply / demand issue) to follow back the further hair loss. Am I correct to assume that the triangular alopecia shown here in the photographs you sent to me is stable now?

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If a hair is pulled out prematurely but the hair follicle isn’t damaged (brushing, drying your hair too roughly with a towel), does the next hair begin growing ‘immediately’, or does it wait until the next hair cycle (which could be many months away)?

Also if a hair is pulled out prematurely is there a risk that the hole in the skin could heal / close up before the next hair has a chance to grow out, especially if the hair is miniaturized?

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If you pull out a miniaturized hair, it might be permanent (depends upon where it is in its loss cycle). Generally, pulled hair (healthy hair that is) will return fairly quickly after it is pulled out and the pore that it exits from does not close up.

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I am a fifty year old woman that has been using Astralagas for the past almost year. I have noticed the past few months that my hair/bangs area central to forehead is thinning out ALOT. I read that taking Astralagas can do that. My mom has a full head of hair, no thinning and neither did her mom. I have stopped taking the Astralagus and want to know will my hair regrow? What can I take to help it come back?

Please, please answer!! I used to have beautiful hair and I’ve lost half of it I think. Please answer soon. I need help!

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Unfortunately, I do not know enough about this botanical to answer your question. You can find more information here.

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5 months ago I had my hair dyed back to my natural color brown. Since then, I have been shedding hair. I went on pre natal vitamins to see if it was a vitamin defeciency. But still no end. Could too much vitamins cause hair loss and should i stop taking them? I also tried biotin and noticed I would lose more hair? Also all my blood tests came back normal. After the hair dye I was diagnosed with sebrohheic dermatitis. But I don’t scratch my head, i just have dry scalp and little flakes. Could that be causing the shedding throught the day? Also when I applied a medicated shampoo to my scalp it irritated it so bad that I could’nt be around cleaning agents or strong perfumes, it made my scalp burn just smelling the fumes? What should I do? No dermatologist can come up with a solution for me? Should I just stop taking the prenatal vitamins or is the cause from the sebrohheic?

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Very high doses of vitamin A could cause hair loss. Remember that this is for the very high doses and regular doses that are necessary for our daily maintenance should not affect the hair growth/loss. I don’t think your vitamins have been responsible for seborrheic dermatitis and I don’t think usual doses of vitamins in prenatal pills can cause hair loss.

Inflammation of skin or dermatitis can cause hair loss if you scratch it. It can also accelerate the hair loss due to other causes such as androgenetic alopecia with vigorous brushing.

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I spent the last week in a really poor city in China and realized that very few people were suffering from hairloss. At first I thought – this can’t be the case, maybe I was just applying some sort of subconscious filter? Or maybe the area I was in only consisted of younger people? But after a week there, I came to the conclusion that there simply weren’t that many bald people in this city. It was very confusing, I really have no answer for this, and I don’t even know what question I’m trying to ask you…I guess if anything, have you come across something like this before?

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China flagMale pattern hair loss has a strong genetic influence, but we have never compared race by city. From the literature I have read, there is no suggestion that the people of China have less balding than Europeans. One Chinese friend of mine has hair like former US President Bill Clinton in hairline shape and location. The hair is very wavy, not straight like many Asians and he says in his home town in China, this is the way all of the people there look. I guess it is possible to find a population of people with isolated gene pools, especially in geographically protected or isolate areas where inherently the population does not carry a specific gene for baldness. Someone should study it.

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I started to lose your hair this July. About that time you also went on hormones, DHEA, and antibiotics. Could these medications have caused my hair loss. I recently stopped taking these medications and think that the loss may have slowed and some reversal may be going on. Is this possible

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I believe that considering the short period of use and the known relationships between DHEA and hair loss, it is reasonable to expect that the hair loss you had might be related to the medication. You think that the hair loss is reversing upon stopping the medication so it is reasonable to expect that your progress will continue. You need to determine the status of your hair in and around your head, get the hair and scalp mapped out for miniaturization and if this is normal, that would make the process most probably reverse.

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Hi I am 20 year old Caucasian male and I have, I think, a normal hairline. Certainly my hair above my temples is not receding nor is there any recession at the back. My hair seems to be growing normally and healthily.

However, a number of odd things have been happening. I’ve noticed mostly in the middle of my hairline at the very very front there are some hairs which are a lot shorter than the rest of the hair behind them – maybe 3/4 of the length of the normal hair which is about 3 or 4 inches – though they do not look weak. Equally the hair (in the same areas), maybe a centimeter in or so is thinner than all the rest of the hair though this is only at the front and does does not seem to be true above the temples. Finally in the the middle of the front, I seem to have developed a small lock of hair that is independent from all the rest of the hair in so far as it won’t be tamed at all – this was never the case – though it may simply have grown oddly as I have not cut my hair since the summer when I shaved off my dreadlocks. Can you explain any of this to me?

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What you are looking at is not easy for me to understand without seeing what you’re talking about. At the age of 20, you might be developing elements of the maturing hairline. You should get your hair mapped out for miniaturization and see if there is early genetic balding occurring, which might explain some of your problems.

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I am a female planning to get a hair tranpslant and have heard that the trauma of the surgery can cause other hair to fall out. I was wondering if being on Propecia would help keep the hairs from shedding. And if so, do you need to be on Propecia for a certain number of months before it works (i.e. keeps hair from falling out)? Thanks!

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Propecia (finasteride) is contraindicated in women who may become pregnant and inefficient in post-menopausal women. It probably will have no impact on pre-menopausal women. Although studies have shown significant reduction in the rate of shock loss in men who are on Propecia, it has not been studied for in women for that purpose and in theory should not work. Hair loss shock is not common in women after transplantation.

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You said in a previous post that skin inflammation causes hair loss. If Eczema is a disease caused by skin inflammation, does Eczema cause hairloss?

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Inflammation of scalp (and eczema) may cause hair loss from scratching when you comb and/or brush your hair, as it may pull out if you are not careful with it. Using a good conditioner will help soften the scales and separate them from any crusts.

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I am a 35 year old African American male. I started balding about 10 years ago. I recently started getting dark spots on certain parts of my scalp, and no hair grows around the dark spots. Sometimes it itches could you tell me what this might be and what is the best way to treat this condition. Thanks for your help Dr.

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I would have to see what you are describing. Please send me pictures to the address on the Contact page (and reference this post when sending).

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