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I have had multiple surgeries and my hair has thinned considerably.  I am 24 years old and am taking birth control pills.  My doctor told me to take Rogaine, but I continue to have a very see through hair.

Female genetic loss can be accelerated and presented as thinning hair with any stress and surgery is such a stress.  We have cosmetically treated such women with Scalp Micropigmentation, two of the women in my family have had it done.  See here:


Also, I have attached a photo of a woman with black hair who has scalp micropigmentation done to address her thinning hair

female with thinning hair SMP


Can I get back my original hair density?  I have attached a picture.

To get and keep the original density for an area that large would require an extra-ordinary hair donor density present in less than 1% of the Caucasian population. But getting hair transplants to LOOK LIKE a full head of hair is more than reasonable, something you can see in one of our monthly open house events where such patients will show off their hair transplant results. We have developed techniques that can accomplish this over the years.  I have many such patients on our web page to see, some of which are shown below. As you are in Los Angeles, you should try to come to one of our open house events and meet these people because “What you see is what you will get”.  Now with that said, I will show you a man that did get back his original density because he had a donor supply that was extra-ordinarily high below


“. Class 6 pattern of balding patientNorwood Class 6 pattern

Victor Ab


This is an interesting series of videos which discuss the balding process as well as the transplant growth process. The very bright young man is doing a great deal of good in communicating the problems and the solutions he embarked on, including a hair transplant process.  There are many videos and this one will lead you to the others.

See here:


I had a very famous celebrity who had a hair transplant with me which he loved. When he came back to see me, he asked if I would transplant his crown because he hated his flat crown. He envied people with a nice rounded head.  So at his suggestion, I transplanted his thinning crown and after about a year when the hair grew out to a good length, he visited me to show me what happened to his flat head.  It was GONE, or at least no one could see it under the bushy hair that was placed to life the hair high above his flat crown. His hair eventually turned white and when he performed on the Vegas Strip, people from the audience would always ask him: “Is that hair all yours?”. “Of course its my hair”, he responded and it was his transplanted hair that was his and my secret.


Nearly 99% of men with hair loss find that it is caused by genetic factors and your testosterone. Diet does not change this so diet will not solve your problem. For many men your age, finasteride taken daily, will reverse, slow or stop the hair loss. This requires a doctors prescription.  Go for it!

I am not claiming that diet is not important to your overall health. I believe that diet impacts many things in our overall health; however, as a doctor I really do not know much beyond the treatment of deficiencies in the body’s hormones or vitamins, or the treatment of diseases, etc.. There is a great deal of new literature that shows more and more that we are what we eat and many people, for example, who have specific diseases and strategically alter their diets can reverse or subdue these diseases. Many diseases that impact our bodies are the result of thing that maybe we should not eat. This is a new science and we are learning more and more just how we eat becomes what we are and how healthy we can be.


I have been taking finasteride once a day since January, 2016. The first 2 months I had no improvement. I also have had no side from finasteride. A few months ago I found that I started losing more hair again, just like before I started taking the finasteride 1 year ago. Now it is getting much worse that when I started the drug a year ago. My question is:  What is causing this new loss and what can I do about it?


Genetic balding in young men often responds to finasteride by stopping, slowing or reversing the hair loss. But genetic balding is not a steady state as your genes and hormones which cause the balding goes in ‘stop and start’ cycles and even the drug finasteride might not be powerful enough to stop it.  That is why I recommend always seeing a doctor who can help you with this problem. Adding minoxidil works but not when it impacts the entire front, top and crown area.


My question is related to this shaved look. I understand that there is some type of tattoo that works to make it look normal and always hairy. Can you point me to this?

If you find out that you like the shaved look and want to make it permanent, what you are talking about is Scalp Micropigmentation (see here:  The unique part of this process is that you will always look like you have a full head of shaved hair regardless of how much hair you lose.  It is an excellent alternative to a hair transplant and it is a one time thing, do it and then forget your hair loss.


The pictures below reflect a very beautiful top model who had a hairline transplant in the past that she did not like. The previous hair transplant surgeon did not understand the differences between male hairlines and female hairlines, nor the need to put very fine hairs in the leading edge of the hairline. This surgery was done yesterday and the patient came in today for a hair wash, something we offer everyone to all of our patient 7 days/week. A clean hair transplant without crusting means no evidence surgery in just a few days and I would expect that this patient will have no redness present in a couple of more days. Notice the concave appearance so typical for a proper female hairline. She agreed to let me share these pictures with our baldingblog readership.

Female Hairline 1 female hairline 2female hairline 3



The answer to this is ABSOLUTELY when done well it can not be detected as a hair transplant. This is routinely our style. We did hair transplants on my wife and my daughter-in-law and not only where they thrilled but the friends they told have come in to do it also. My wife went to the annual International Society for Hair Transplant Surgeons (ISHRS) this past October where she and 4 other of our patients showed off their hair to about 800 doctor in a walk by meeting hall. The doctors told me personally, that the results were beyond compare. I have been showing off patient since 1993, monthly at our Open House meetings and yearly at the ISHRS meetings.  In 1994, I brought 24 patients to Las Vegas to show them to the audience of about 600 doctors. At that time, the standard was ‘pluggy doll’ grafts. When the doctors saw our patients, the world-wide standard changed on the spot. The only way to prove the lack of detectability for a hair transplant is to meet many patients, one on one, and then see if you can tell the patients had a hair transplant. Since this is our standard, we hold monthly open house events where former patient volunteer to come in and show off their hair to people like you.

I remember a funny happening in my office in 1993, when three patients who I had transplanted in 1992, came to see me for followup when they came to their annual meeting. In my waiting room where 5 people, the three former patients, my eldest son with a Gorilla Hairline that reflected is 8 year old hairline and one new patients. When I saw the new patients, he asked me about the deformities of a hair transplant saying “I can see a hair transplant patient from a mile away’. When I asked him more about it, he said “Let me show you an awful hair transplant’ just let’s go to the lobby. Still in our lobby where the remaining 4 people, my son and the three hair transplant patients from a year before.  He went directly to the three guys and said: “You guys should not do a hair transplant because you might look freaky like him” (Pointing to my Gorilla Son). That was one of the funniest experiences I ever had but it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that seeing is believing.  Although my website shows 1000 patients with before and after pictures, there is still no substitute for a one-on-one meeting with former hair transplant patients.

This patient came in to see me today as I was writing this post for baldingblog. He is 73 years old and his pictures span a course of over 18 years. Before he started doing this, he felt old looking and wanted to get a young wife.  So eventually, after getting the first phase of the hair transplant complete, he got a young wife and started a family. Now 18 years later, at the age of 73, he looks and feels younger. Of course, that is what hair transplantation is about. It makes you feel better about yourself and more confident.

mavar pre 2maver pre1

mavar post 1Mavar post 2

Mavar post 3mavar post 4


As you may know, Dr. Pak and I are the patent holder inventor of two core technologies of the hair transplant robot, inventing it in 1998 and getting patents issued on them in 2006. We also hold a patent on the implanter used by Neograft so i am very familiar with this technology, originally invented by Dr. Pascal Boudjema of Paris France in the late 1990s. I am also the modern day inventor of the FUE procedure, doing these FUE procedures longer than anyone in the world, dating back to 1996 (see: I published the first article on FUE in 2002 and presented FUE to over 600 physician at the International Society for Hair Transplant Surgeons and gave out a DVD to each of them, and then the rest is history. The reason I patented the robot was because too many doctors failed to perform FUE successfully after I introduced the original FUE article, which is somewhat the case today. The ARTAS Robot leveled the playing field as far as doing successful extractions for FUE which for many doctors who had a problem performing manual FUE with good predictability, was a godsend. We hold now 17 US patents on various hair technologies with three more are pending. We routinely publish all of our advances in medical journals and medical textbooks (see:

These three technologies all work well at performing FUE in the hands of an experienced surgeon. The ARTAS Robot is different in that all of the decision for FUE such as angle of the ‘attack’ of the drill, the depth of the two drills (sharp and dull) and the distribution of the extractions, are all computerized. In addition, the Robot has the advantage of only extracting the grafts with the most hairs because that is a programming task.  For the experienced surgeons, such high hair graft identification is routine and now the Robot can also do it.  Speed is important for FUE as the longer the grafts are out of the body, the potential worse the survival.  The Robot is a bit slower than the manual system in experienced hands.

Some newer punch designs, I believe, have improved the quality of the extracted grafts. These new ‘trumpet’ punches only recently appeared on the market. These punches were designed independently by Drs. Umar and Devoire and have a unique design which, now that we are using them, shows superior graft quality.  Graft quality with FUE has always been a problem since I pioneered the procedure in 1996. I redesigned punches continuously to find the best punch in my hands and only recently moved to the new ‘trumpet’ punches which we now are using daily.

It is very important to remember that the FUE component of the procedure is just one part of a large process and good quality control system must be put into place by the doctor to get the best results possible. Be wary of doctors who delegate the FUE process to independent ‘teams-for-hire’ where the technicians actually perform all of the surgery and anesthesia. The risk of death from inappropriate use of anesthetics is a real risk in such situations.  When comparing FUE with traditional strip surgery on a consistent quality basis, the Strip Surgery always wins for producing consistent 100% high quality grafts.  The use of the ‘trumpet’ punch in our hands has somewhat bridged that gap.


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