Sabiway Shampoo

Hi, Doctor Rassman, I’m a 25 year old female, I found another colombian product: Sabiway shampoo for hair loss it is intended also in cancer patients I would like to know any expert information on this product. the website where it is been sold is:

Please I need to know if this product can be good for this problem!!!! I think that maybe can help me.
thank you.

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SabiwayI am having a tough time with this site. They offer an English translation, but it is very poorly worded and difficult to understand. From the looks of it, this is just a fungus treatment shampoo. I don’t see anything in it that would regrow hair for a person with genetic hair loss. You can try it, but I doubt it’ll do much good (unless you have fungal problems). They also claim to regrow hair for alopecia areata sufferers, and that right there explains why a product like this will never legally be sold in the US. The FDA would be all over it, because you can’t make impossible claims (like being able to regrow hair for those with alopecia areata) without backing it up with proof. It sounds very misleading and entirely untrue.

Plus, the fact that they use a free website host and a terribly amateur website makes me even more skeptical. It doesn’t look professional, and I can’t see how anyone would take it seriously (at least from a marketing perspective). But taking that out of the equation, common sense tells me that if this fancy shampoo worked like they said it did, it would be known worldwide… particularly if it’s been sold for the nearly 20 years that their website says. My guess is that it won’t do much more than any other anti-fungal shampoo out there.

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What If HairDX Tells Me I’ll Bald But I Won’t Go Past Norwood 2?

Hi Doc,

posted this on the website as well but I think this is a great question!

With this HairDX test, I understand it detects the gene associated with balding. However, most men experience some hairloss during their lifetime which doesn’t always succumb to full out pattern baldness. They may just have the mature hairline. So my question is, if you’re a NW2 with a mature hairline and have experienced some balding, will you still have this gene? I’m a NW2 and I would like to know if I have the gene, but at the same time, I don’t want to freak myself out if I have the gene but am only going to a NW2 pattern and not further.

Just need some clarification so I know whether or not I want the test.

thanks in advance!

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Norwood 2I do not call the Norwood Class 2 pattern balding (see graphic at right), as this is just a mature hairline. Also it is important to realize that the expression of the balding gene is another variable here. You can have the gene(s) for balding, yet still not express it. So on one hand, the HairDX test could be helpful, but on the other hand, if you know you’re just going to freak yourself out about it, maybe you should wait until if/when you see actual hair loss.

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Nanogen Products

What do you think about the website and it’s various products? There’s some pretty big claims on the site about effectiveness of their products, what do you think of them? Are any of them any good or are they all just lies?

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To be honest, I’m not familiar with them by name. They make a few products, but their Nanothik sounds like DermMatch or Toppik… and their Nanogaine is being marketed as an alternative to Rogaine. The line of products may be of good quality, but they shouldn’t be claiming that it’ll regrow lost hair or preventing hair loss. In the United States, the FDA regulates claims like that, so if a shampoo or cream were to be labeled as a preventative measure for hair loss (for example) the FDA can shut the company down if they do not pull all mention of outlandish claims. This company is UK based though, so I’m not sure how it is regulated.

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Chemical Burn 5 Years Ago — Will My Hair Grow Back?

Hi.. 5 years back a lady left the relaxer too long so I had a bad burn and ever since hair started to get thinner & thinner. I ended up with a bald area on top of my head. its pretty big in size. around 2 inches wide & 1.5 inches deep. Do you think my hair would never grow again in that area? are there any products that you suggest I use to help me fix this mess?

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Relaxed hairIts very unlikely that you would see hair growing back again at this stage. It sounds like the chemical treatment may have caused scarring to that area of the scalp or burned the hair follicles resulting in permanent hair loss. This could be confirmed with a scalp biopsy.

On the assumption that you have a good supply of donor hair at the back and sides, hair transplant surgery could restore hair to a reasonable result. Another option is a reduction or excision of the hairless scarred area. This excision might be likely to need scalp expansion in your case if the area is very large.

Without further information, I cannot recommend any products that would restore significant hair in your case. However, you can try temporary camouflage type products like Toppik that can disguise the loss when the need arises. The picture on the right shows a badly damaged hair with the fibrils inside the hair shaft broken out like the spindles inside electric wires.

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Using the LaserComb After a Hair Transplant

I used the Hairmax Lasercomb for 6 months or so. I expected major new growth but saw nothing to that extent. The only thing the product really did was make my remaining hair appear healthier. Overall i don’t know what to think of the Lasercomb. From what i’ve read it doesnt seem to target DHT or regrow the long lost hair lost due to DHT. “It is only to be believed to promote healthy anagen hair growth” (From hair follicles that have not been damages from DHT im guessing?). So wouldn’t the LaserComb be great for newly transplanted patients?

I’m two weeks post op. My grafts are securely anchored and the transplanted hairs are shedding, would it be safe for me to use the lasercomb and how effective would it be?

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I don’t think that the LaserComb would produce any harm to transplanted hairs. I doubt it’ll be “great” for them, but if you’re happy with your hair health on non-transplanted hairs, by all means…

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Balding 22 Year Old Woman (with Photos)

This 22 year old patient came to see me for hair loss she’s been experiencing for the past 2 years. She did all of the right things, saw two dermatologists, and received a complete medical work-up for a variety of disease entities and vitamin deficiencies and was found to be normal. What I told her is as follows:

  1. Obtain a new test for androgen sensitivity of her hair based upon a genetic test
  2. If she is sensitive to androgen, we might try her on an androgen blocker such as finasteride or dutasteride in the hope that this will block enough of the androgen to allow better hair growth.

The science is minimal that support this thesis, but it is better to try to block the androgens on women who are positive to the genetic test for androgen sensitivity than to put all women on the drugs.

In addition, as we could not offer her an immediate benefit with drugs, we used a concealer treatment on her hair and showed her how to do this herself. Her comment after the application of DermMatch was, “I have been reborn”.

I apologize for the blurriness of the before photo. Click the photos below to enlarge. Before (left); After (right)


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In the local pharmacies in the UAE a hair-loss treatment product by the name of Foltene is readily available. What are your thoughts on it’s components and do they hold any merit on it’s effectiveness?

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FolteneI haven’t heard of Foltene before, but I checked out the site. The ingredients are a bunch of vitamins and something they are calling “Tricosaccaride”, which according to information I can only find on their company site, is something that they discovered in the 60s. Common sense time — If this really worked as claimed, don’t you think in the past 40+ years it would’ve been a little more well known? The vitamins in the ingredients will nourish the hair, but I have no idea how they can assume that means it’ll regrow hair. Looking a little further into what Tricosaccaride is, it seems like it is an acid that helps with blood circulation to the scalp. The idea of poor circulation leading to hair loss is false. See here for more on that.

The product claims to change the number of hairs in the anagen (growth) and telogen (sleep) phases. In other words, it claims to be able to tweak the cycling of your hair growth. Hair cycle is something that is controlled below the skin (genetics) and not above the skin… so a topical treatment that can do as they claim just doesn’t make sense.

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Yuda Pilatory Platinum Edition

I was looking online for numerous hair loss products and after researching about the products I found, it turned out that most of them are scams. However, I found a product called Yuda Pilatory Platinum Edition. (

I couldn’t find any information on this product. Does anyone know if this product actually works or is it just another scam?

Thank you

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I don’t have a clue if these herbals work, but I love the cartoon they use at the top of their site of the fellow spraying this stuff in his mouth and got a hairy tongue. Ridiculous! In fact, at the top of the site it says that it is an herbal formula “without color and taste”, and then at the bottom lists a caution as “can not be eaten”. Uh…

The ingredients listed on that site certainly don’t lead me to believe this Yuda “platinum edition” will provide the benefits the seller is promising (the box art says hair growth in 10 days — ha!).

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Hair Spray and Alcohol-Based Hair Products

I recently noticed that one of the first ingredients in pretty much all the hairsprays out there is some form of alcohol. I understand that the chemicals in gels, mousses, foams, waxes and sprays don’t directly cause hair loss, but it is also widely agreed that alcohol-based hair products are not good for the scalp and therefore are not good for hair either.

I know that in your book you give a warning that hairsprays can aggravate hair loss if one is not careful due to excessive strain/traction of the hair, but would the alcohol in hairsprays also contribute to hair loss by doing bad things to the scalp like overdrying? I think your book is great including the section on hair shaping products, but one thing I am still wondering is your general stance on hair shaping products and their effect on hair loss (more hairspray than anything else). Thanks.

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Hair Loss and Replacement for DummiesAlcohol based hair products will not cause hair loss. The body has sebum which coats the hair as it exits the scalp and that process protects the hair most of the time. Alcohol based products can dry the scalp, so the use of good conditioners for dry hair is a good way to manage your scalp and hair.

If you liked the book Hair Loss and Replacement For Dummies, why not submit a review to Amazon? I could use the boost, since there’s only been one review thus far. I’m excited to see that the book is now #1 for all books on hair loss, though. And for those that don’t know about the book, buy it here!

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Using Conditioner Daily, but Shampoo a Couple Times a Week?

I’ve read you’re only supposed to shampoo hair a couple times a week tops, like the Europeans. But I live in a windy locale, so if I don’t use cream/pomade/wax/clay/glue and/or hairspray in my hair each day for work, when I get to work my hair looks crazy and if I don’t shampoo it, combing it after is extremely hard, especially with hairspray. Someone suggested to me that you can use conditioner everyday but I haven’t tried that yet. Any thoughts?

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Considering what you said, I would recommend that you shampoo daily. There are many good shampoos have have conditioners in them.

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