Child Attacked By Dog, Lost Most of Her Scalp

A friend’s 3 year old grand daughter was attacked by a dog and she lost most of her scalp. What remains is a small portion on the right side of her head, and the rest was replaced with skin grafts from her back. What kind of hair replacement / regrowth options are available for her? If it makes any difference in treatment options she is african-american.

Everything depends upon how much good scalp she has left and the amount of good hair that remains. If, for example, a person lost 20% of their scalp (replaced by skin grafts), then the other 80% could possibly be stretched to cover the missing part, and in an ideal situation the stretched skin (that contains hair), might produce enough cover with artful surgery. If however, the proportions are the reverse (80% of the scalp was lost and replaced by skin grafts), the likelihood is that there may not be enough hair or scalp to move around to cover the defects. I would like to see a set of good pictures of her. If the child’s family does not have the means to pay for surgery, this can be done with minimal to no charge for those who could not afford this type of work. First, a doctor needs to make a careful examination, starting off with sending pictures if she is outside of California and can not be seen by me in person.

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