Comparing Prices for Hair Transplants

I live in New York City and am looking into scheduling my second session of FUT this fall. I’m transsexual and need to finish rounding out my m-shaped hairline after having done my first session last year out of the country because it was done within a week of another surgery.

This time I’m looking to stay close to home and have been speaking to a surgeon recommended by a friend, Michael Beehner, located far upstate in Saratoga. I like him because he’s communicated in depth with me over email and has a decent amount of before and after photos of trans women. I don’t think all surgeons/technicians are good at creating natural looking hairlines and I also don’t think my hairline was drawn properly the first time so I want it reevaluated.

What makes me hesitant in scheduling is the four hour bus ride for someone who charges $5/graft. I’m wondering if anyone in the NYC area can give me a comparison to other doctors here. Bernstein’s office told me $7. Maxim seems the cheapest, although I’m not sure by how much: their website says $2.95, but I saw a blog post from last year where a woman was quoted $4. Basically, if I feel like I’m getting a deal for a top notch surgeon and team then I’d feel a lot better about making the trip.

Never buy based upon price! Always check out the quality of the doctor. If you get a doctor who discounts his prices because he isn’t good enough to compete on quality, then you could buy less quality with a lesser price. I know both Bernstein and Beehner and they are both first class doctors.

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