Does alcohol cause hair loss

Do you think that drinking alcohol could be a factor (if not significant factor) in male hair loss? I am a senior at a major east coast university that is known for its student body’s tendency to drink alcohol. I started to make an observation that a lot of the people that I know that have drank heavily for the past couple of years (they are now approx. age 21-23) have some degree of noticeable hair loss compared to the people who were more moderate with their drinking. I myself used to drink fairly heavily for about a year in college and ever since I slowed down I have noticed that my hair has begun to grow back thicker (perhaps because lowered my alcohol consumption) although the hair I have lost has not grown back yet, if at all Another example of this would be if you were to take a look at any major “party” fraternity at XYZ College. Of course course the older brothers are going to look more aged/mature than their younger counterparts, however in my experience I started to notice that the a decent amount of the older brothers in the major “party” frats at my school definitely show a greater degree of hair loss than some of the other same aged males at my school who were not known to go out and drink every weekend.

If alcohol can be a significant factor in hair loss at a young age is it possible that it served as a catalyst to speed up the balding process since these people may have been genetically disposed to experience hair loss at some point in their lives?

Drinking alcohol doesn’t cause hair loss but stress does and many people with genetic hair loss who drink are stressed.

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