Does Hair Loss Come from the Mother’s Side of the Family?

Although there is few questions i have that cannot be answered somewere on this site i seem to have one in which i cannot find an answer. It is stated that the hair loss gene comes from your mothers genes(hence if your mothers father is bald you will be bald.)If this is fact i have a question with a certain situation. If my father started balding early(about the age of 23-24) But my mothers father started around the age of 55-60, what is in store for me? My hairline is as my mother’s father’s was but it is not the same as my fathers, also my hair color and texture is like my mothers fathers. What is your opinion?

Hair loss is genetic, but it does not follow a specific predictable genetic pattern. It has been observed that the hair loss gene seems to favor the mother’s side (about 52%), but this is not always the case. While scientists can say hair loss is genetic, they still have not found the specific gene for hair loss because it probably reflects a series of genes. In addition, carrying the gene does not mean that the gene will be expressed and you need to express the gene to be balding. So when we get smart enough to learn how to control the ‘expression of the gene’ then the solution to hair loss may be at hand.

There is an old joke known in this industry — A bald father with a heavily balding son complains to his wife, “Look what you and your family gave him” (pointing to the son’s hair loss). In our male dominated society, we tend to blame women for every conceivable problem with the children, because we know that as men, we are just perfect.

I hope the sarcasm comes through to the casual reader.

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  1. Ajay
    Ajay says:

    In my father side every one have lost of hair, but my mother side my grandfather dont have hair. now my question is my inherited hairline look ok my mom side but my hair totally look like my father. I am 18 years old and little worry about it.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    Ehhhh Im 19 and I have thick hair and my dad has thick hair full head hair. My mom’s side everyone has thin hair, but there all bald, having thin hair their whole lives. I hope im not fucked.


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