Does hair transplant make you more attractive to women?

I have some bald areas that makes me comb hair. I’m start thinking about hair transplant. But, is there a sense of doing this? I mean, did you notice that women start paying attention to you more? Or nothing has changed, and there are no visible changes?

Hair transplants give you back your hair so the proper question is “does hair make you more attractive to women?” I personally think that if you feel better about yourself, it tends to project to others.  I think that society tends to lean against balding and many women feel that that balding is some stigma. I remember producing a video a while back and going to the beach to interview many people about balding prejudices. One 22 year old woman said that she didn’t like balding men because they were old. When I asked her if someone her age was bald, she reiterated: “Didn’t you just hear me, I don’t like older men!” I got that on video and used it in some of my older work.
I also had a radio show that covered many subjects. One day on talk radio, I did a show on balding. A man called and told me that he was the Vice President of sales and that he has found that bald men can’t be trusted. He also said he was bald but was the exception to the rule because he was trustworthy. This shows prejudices of people against balding men. It’s wrong, but it’s out there. In a review of Presidential candidates since Kennedy, all of the presidents have hair yet 50% of men have balding.  The conclusion of Men’s Fitness Magazine was that the public trusted men with hair and not balding men as much.  It may be just enough of an edge to win.  Today we have to candidates that had manipulated their hair with surgical procedures:  (a) Joe Biden had hair transplant and (b) Donald Trump (it has all been said before and his hair is a major focus on his character).
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