Don’t fall into this trap and do unnecessary hair transplant (photo)

This man had a hair transplant and had holes punched into the front, top and crown of his head.  Some young men panic thinking that they are losing hair as their father may have lost it so they might not do their research and think that they need a hair transplant to keep their hair. This patient was probably such a man and I say this because there is hair on his head and it appears to be good quality hair. Maybe he tried to find an inexpensive hair transplant doctor and found a doctor or someone who claimed that they were a doctor who was able to persuade this man to have a hair transplant.

Using holes for recipient grafts (a technique that has been abandoned years ago), this man had a hair transplant and the person doing it was so proud of the work that these pictures were taken and given to the patient.  But what is worse than the terrible work, is that this man appears to have a reasonable hair density so it is clear to me that he had an unnecessary surgery. Maybe he felt he was losing hair and some doctor or some non-doctor who maybe acted like a doctor must have talked him into have an this hair transplant surgery.  Some young men are very impressionable and can be influenced especially if the person doing the ‘selling’ appears to be a doctor. Some day, this man may lose hair and what he will have left is plugs where all of these holes can now be seen.  He will look freaky.  Bad, Bad, Bad!!

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