Facebook Response from a Nurse in Vietnam

My son Ian, posted my photo when I was in Vietnam on facebook for Veteran’s Day and a nurse, Carol, responded with this very nice post which I wanted to share with you:

Wow. I knew that guy!!!
I watched your dad work tirelessly to heal and help US troops and then when others might rest during off time, he went off to do the same down at the Vietnamese hospital where he shared his skills and knowledge with local practitioners. He was also always trying to find ways to keep our spirits up. He managed to find a popcorn machine and had it helicoptered in for our little club. Something so simple to give us pleasure. He knew that caregivers also needed care and respite from the emotional strain of death and trauma and illness. He heard some nurses talking about how they missed soaking in a bath tub and the next week one appeared in the sky being lowered down from a chopper. He’s a guy I’m proud to know!
I remember that I also found a piano 300 miles away and flew the piano to our hospital hanging off of the bottom of a helicopter to entertain the troops.  I was fortunate as I was the officer in charge of the Officers Club which was a night-time job for me.  That gave me access is huge amounts of beer and liquor which was worth gold in trading for things. I traded palates of beer for air conditioners and airconditioned the entire hospital patient facilities (the club was very profitable).  I remember Carol very well, a great caring nurse who the patients all fell in love with.
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