Dear Dr.,
I see that Follica Inc. have lincensed a technology developed at Penn university. The research suggests that new hair follicles can be produced in the skin with the protein wtn. Apparently this protein can make lots of new follicles in the skin. If this is the case would it lead to an end of male pattern baldness? Surely, any new follicle made would be affected by DHT. What are your thoughts on this new approach? Many thanks

Yes, I read of them as I was skimming the Scientific American website. It seems the research is relatively new with good potential. There have been many that promised the world, but delivered little. With regard to the ‘new hair’ I really don’t know the answer to your question. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Scientific American – Bye-Bye Comb-Overs? Hair Follicles Found Able to Regenerate

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  1. V
    V says:

    Dr. D:

    Will this new technology help people suffering with alopecia areata grow hair, or will the white blood cells still attack the newly generated follicles.

    Thank You.


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