FUE Scars and a Bad, Immoral Doctor who sold him lies, promises and bad surgery

For this man’s doctor, each patient was about money, i.e. how much money he could extract from every patient. Many young men fall victims to such doctor behavior as this man did. The doctor told him that the 3000 grafts he was going to perform would not produce any scarring. This man only had a very small bald area in the two corners which could have easily be fixed with 500 grafts per side, but the doctor and his salesman told him he needed 3000 grafts (at least 2000 which were unnecessary). Many of the grafts in these two balding corners did not grow, but the doctor got his money, nevertheless, a lot of money. After the grafts grew in poorly, this man was stuck with white scars from the FUE which he was told was a scarless surgery (not true). He wanted to keep his hair short, but because of the scars, he could not. There are many things about this man’s terrible experience that bothers me: (1) he could not really afford the $30,000 he spent on these grafts (he overpaid even for a good surgery and went into debt to get it), (2) the grafts were taken from his neck area (which is not permanent hair so some of the hair that did grow will not be permanent), (3) he was lied to by the doctor and the doctor’s slick salesman about almost everything relating to the transplant and oversold the number of grafts by 2000 grafts, and (4) he was left with bothersome scars (which I fixed for him with Scalp Micropigmentation) at still another cost he should not have had.  The first four pictures are of his ‘scarless surgery’. The second pictures were taken after we repaired the scars with Scalp Micropigmentation.
The patient does have recourse against this doctors by: (1) demanding his money back with the threat of legal action if he does not get his money back (I often help such patients find an attorney who will help them), (2) he can take his complaint to the medical board (in California, the medical boards license the doctors and they must investigate all such claims and if the doctor is found guilty, he could lose his license to practice medicine). I always agree to supply testimony for such patients to assist them to get justice for complaints either in court or for the medical boards. I am even more angry than this man because these slimy doctors give my profession a bad name and harm people. Doctors should be above this type of behavior.

fue with and without SMP

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