Garlic Gel for Treating Alopecia Areata?

For those of us with Alopecia Areata, – this study may be beneficial to you guys. The study is quite positive. Please read the link below:

Link: Local Study on Garlic for Alopecia Areata

GarlicNice find and thanks for sending. I don’t recall seeing too much about using garlic as an alopecia areata treatment.

This was a small study of 34 people presented last year at a conference in Australia. It does sound interesting, and I found another small alopecia areata study discussing the use of topical garlic gel in combination with betamethasone valerate, but I don’t know that the study mentioned in the link you sent was ever published in a peer reviewed journal. While the article is from the Philippine Dermatological Society site, it just mentions that the presentation was by one of their members…not that it was published in a medical journal.

I am glad there are new alopecia areata treatments being explored, regardless of how stinky they may be. And it’s worth noting that a few years ago the NY Times wrote about unlocking the secrets of garlic for use in medicine.

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    i used garlic to cure my Alopecia that was all over my beard and back of my head…
    i was freaking out big time, went to a trickologist who was the expert “hair loss” in the book as i don’t really believe in DOctors (not trained ones anyway) but she was useless…

    then some stranger told me to “rub garlic on until it bleeds” followed a few days later by another stranger saying “rub garlic on it”

    so my method was:
    garlic crusher to crush the garlic through until you can see the juice and then rub the juice all over affected area….i did this once and the burn actually made my face scab…it wasn’t pretty, the back of my head didn’t scab at all and daily i did this method…the patches on the back of my head cleared up really quickly, id say easily 6 weeks…my face took a little longer, but once the scabs came off (about three days) there was definately growth…little white hairs where there had been total baldness…anyway, i did the method which again burned but didn’t scab and hey presto i now have a full head of hair…and my beard has recovered fully….this was purely down to the Garlic cure….touch wood, i have had bio recurrence, but if your suffering i would recommend Garlic….

    Peace and Garlic


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