Hair Loss and Autoimmune Diseases

I am 42 years old and have had progressive thinning of my hair for about 12 years. Thinning is mostly on the top of my head. I have been to Rheumatology who has referred me to Dermatology. I am a University of Michigan patient. I have had every lab possible (I think) drawn. Only thing that is positive is my ANA. My nuclear antibody titer is >=1:2560 NAB pattern is HOMO. ADNA is negative. Do you think I should ask to have my androgen levels tested? Should I be asking to be referred to Endocrine? I’m at a loss. I’m ready to visit a hair loss center but before that I want everything else ruled out. I NEED YOUR HELP!

If you have an elevated ANA titer, one might worry about autoimmune diseases that can cause hair loss. Please see – My ANA Is Positive… What Does That Mean?

First, I would get your hair mapped out for miniaturization and see if your pattern shows one that is typical for male patterned loss (I am assuming that you are male, if not then there are many other things that can play in the causes of hair loss). Working with a good rheumatologist should shed light on any autoimmune component. Keep with the good doctors you seem to have and pump them for information, adding to it what you might learn from a miniaturization analysis of your hair shafts.

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