Hair Loss on Top of Head, Hairline is Fine

PorcupineI am 29, male. Recently I got my hair cut rather short, and it has kind of spiked up, somewhat resembling a porcupine, i guess you could say. I notice when looking at my head from above that my hair seems thinner, like there are some areas not as full as others. Is this a sign of hair loss? My hair line is not receding, and my hair is fine at the crown/point at back of head, where you usually see bald spots in people going bald. Do you have any idea what I am seeing in the mirror? Is there a pattern of baldness where you start to lose hair on the top or in the middle of your head? Thanks in advance for your comments.

Some people will develop thinning behind the hairline, leaving a normal hairline. We also see thinning in the crown with no problem in the frontal area as well. The first 3/4 inch from the highest crease or the wrinkled brow is the juvenile component of the frontal look. Behind this first 3/4 inch starts what I call the mature hairline.

The shorter you cut your hair, the more you will see of any thinning that is present. To find out what this means, map out your hair and scalp for miniaturization so that you can know if this is a genetic pattern for you. If it is genetic, Propecia works well in the crown.

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  1. chuck sharpe
    chuck sharpe says:

    Does water source contribute to hair loss? I recentely moved to a new job location and noticed increased hair loss when taking a shower.


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