A Hair Transplant Patient Ponders the Connection Between Finasteride and Post Finasteride Syndrome

I’m just also wondering why, when so many men took 5 times the dosage for BPH prior to it ever even being used for hair loss, that we didn’t hear about all of this sexually related morbidity- especially when you consider who was doing most of that initial prescribing: Urologists. I mean, these would have also been the first line guys to field those complaints. 
Seems the one side effect they did hear about was the hair growth- which led to the realization DHT was involved in hair loss. And exactly – in addition- where are the actual studies?
“His point needs to be addressed. These original patients were mostly over 55 years of age, but at 5 times the dose one would expect more post finasteride syndrome, yet it was never reported other than the limited numbers when subtracted from the placebo effect as sexual side effects were reported in the original study of finasteride at about 2% and I am certain that men over 55, may have a lower sex drive to account for a lack of reporting I take finasteride at the 1mg dose and don’t have sexual side effects”. Dr. Tim Carmen
“I’m not convinced that side effects are dose dependent, at least comparing 1mg to 5 mg.  Most of the discussions about reduced side effects using 0.5mg are anecdotal. I believe that the subgroup of men with side effects are somehow more sensitive, which may be unrelated to dosage.  They also seem to be an age group under 35yrs. Also, Merck researchers knew that finasteride could potentially grow hair, but needed to get FDA approval first for BPH”. Dr. Ed Epstein
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