How can I tell if my minoxidil and dermroller is working?

Ive been using 5% minox for about a month now along with dermarolling once a week and anti dandruff shampoo.  My hairline hasnt improved much but i noticed lots and i mean LOTS of small hairs around the hairline after shower today.  I heard hairs shrink before they fall out, the little hairs actually lay flat on my forehead so they mask my slightly receded temples nicely. Are those new hairs or are they about to fall out (i hope they dont because there really is a lot of them)

The best metric for measuring your progress of lack of progress with minoxidil or finasteride is the HAIRCHECK test (see here: . Hair is too important to take hair loss any way but serious. A man from Reddit came into my office today because he was very worried about the hair loss he saw in the shower. He also was worried about his hairline, so I did a HAIRCHECK test and told him he was not balding at all, and his hairline was just maturing. He smiled as he left the office because I took a weight off of his back.

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