How do I make the proper diagnosis for hair loss?

So I’ve been to dermatologist and started using fin and minoxidil. He used some camera to see whether I have hair follicles on my temples and it turns out that I have a lot (basically I could go back by 0.5-1 norwood if I grew them out). From what I understood my dermatologist seemed to suggest that there is hope in regrowing this hair. But I’m not sure whether I understood his words correctly. It’s said a lot that fin is going to let you “preserve what you already have at the moment”. And that minox works on scalp only. But I’ve been instructed to use fin, dermaroll once a day and use minox on both crown (which has very little loss) and temples. Does it mean I’m trying to regrow hair on my temples this way? Most articles mention that hair regrowth on the temples is unlikely as hair follicles are probably already dead (unless you lost your hair just recently). In my case I’ve lost hair on my temples quite within 4-5 years mark but most of the follicles seem to still be there. Does it mean I can expect regrowth?

A proper examination of the hair for balding is (1) the use of a video or hand microscope, (2) the use of a HAIRCHECK instrument which will measure the actual hair bulk in different parts of the scalp, and (3) see a good doctor who specializes in this field. With all of that done, you can be confident that you have done everything you need to do to make a proper diagnosis and commence treatment. Hair may or may not regrow with drugs like minoxidil and finasteride.

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