How I treated my Gynecomastia

Background: I took fin for a month starting in March 2019. During this time, among many other sides, I felt pain in my breasts, but I didn’t stop as I thought it would go away on its own. A month later, I had large, permanent gyno. Even after that first month, it took a few weeks for the “hard lumps” under the nipples to form which made me think it would reverse itself with discontinued use of fin, but it did not, and I developed unmistakable pointy nipples with hard gyno lumps under them.

I’ve now been taking zinc supplements for 2 weeks, and my gyno is getting a lot better. The size is still larger, and the breast matter is still under the nipples, but the shape is starting to go down and they’re less puffy/pointy or feminine. I’m wondering if this is permanent or if this will go away once I stop taking zinc. The brand I got is the regular amazon essentials brand.

Not good to continue with finasteride if you have gynecomastia as it only gets worse.  You might consider switching to oral minoxidil

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