How much hair loss to see it?

Saw this online and how true is this? I get that many people are not as concerned with their hair like us in this sub and never track their hairline and density until they one day look in the mirror and realize they’ve lost a lot. What about guys who constantly monitor their hairline, take pics, compare to old photo’s, i.e really track everything regarding their hair. I for one do that and still have all of my hair (age 30).

Does that still mean I won’t notice it until I lost 30.000 hairs? As soon as I see any sign I’ll jump on finasteride so the “30.000 hairs “ theory only makes sense for people who literally never track their hair in my opinion.

Depending upon the size of the area, for most people with medium or coarse hair, they can lose 50% or more of their hair without seeing a difference. For people with fine hair, the visual effects of hair loss come on more quickly. One doctor in the 1980s, pulled out 50% of the hair on one side of the head on a man with black, medium weight hair and no hair loss. He took photos and had independent observers try to see which side had less. The answer was no one could tell and the photography failed to tell which side had less hair. This is important for a hair transplant surgeon to know Read this:

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