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In past blog entries (see partial list below), I have been quite critical of doctors who are dishonest and although there are already many postings about bad doctors and their schemes, most doctors in this field are honest, caring physicians who want to be first rate and run their practices accordingly.

Now with that said, let’s list some of the tricks and schemes that scummy doctors have designed that are not in the best interests of their patients. In no particular order…

  1. Promising results that are not realistic. You will NEVER have the exact same hair you had as a teenager. If anyone tells you otherwise, politely turn around and walk away.
  2. Disregarding a patient’s age or potential future balding when recommending surgery.
  3. Low balling the patient’s short term and long term costs, just to get you in the for the first time.
  4. Lying about the number of grafts that they are supplying the patient or routinely splitting follicular units into smaller grafts in order to increase the doctor’s income from the surgery.
  5. Giving the patient a false sense of security about what they are going to do, minimizing the fact that this is actually a surgical procedure.
  6. Transplanting hairs to areas where hair loss is minimal under the guise that it is for preventing balding. In reality, it is really just a way of inflating the doctor’s income from the surgery, and destroying donor hair that you may need in the future.
  7. Producing inferior transplant grafts through poor management of surgical team or using team assistants without the expertise needed for a quality job.
  8. Using old, outdated techniques like micro grafting, and claiming that it is just as good as follicular unit transplantation.


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