I along with hundreds of thousands of men suffer from PFS

I and hundreds of thousands of young men like me got PFS from a single pill, doctor – from the first pill. How would your self-rationalization deal with that inconveninient truth? Oh, I know how:


If that is true, I can’t understand the physiology of it. If there were hundreds of thousands of men suffering from PFS from a single pill, I would have seen it in my practice. A single pill? What is the mechanism for it? I am a clinical scientist and I look to science for answers to questions.

A physician wrote: “I have personally been taking finasteride for 14 years and will be taking it for the rest of my life.  I have never had a patient in my practice have long term side effects from finasteride [he has prescribed it to thousands of men].  I have only seen a positive psychological influence on my patients’ lives since they realize they are slowing a progressive aging process. I would bet my retirement that there is a lowering depression/suicide rate for patients on finasteride compared to their peer group not on finasteride with similar Norwood pattern hair loss (if this study could ever be performed since there are so many confounding variables).”

All the doctors in my field are struggling with the PFS problem as you told us here.  In my practice I have not seen PFS in my patients except one man who reported impotence within 2 hours of taking the first dose and I told him to stop it.  Like the doctor I quoted above, I too have been taking finasteride for years with no ED or libido problems. What is in it for me to prescribe it if it didn’t help my patient?


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