I Am 20 and Need Transplant Advice

So I am 20, soon turning 21 and I have recently been more and more adamant that a transplant would be the best thing for me.  I never did have a perfect hairline since a kid and having a Dad who went bald probably about 30 it was going to happen. But I probably started noticing around 16/17. Then about a year and a bit ago it got really bad. Now I am a constant hat wearer. So my hairs receeded a fair bit at the temples as well as my hairline.

I have looked into transplants and come across various reviews of Turkey. Being a student the cheaper price there sells it immediately. I was wondering if anyone had any advice etc on it and could maybe point me in the direction of well reviewed trust worthy clinics. I have come across this https://www.medaway.co.uk/hair-transplant-turkey/ but just seems bit fishy even with over 3000+ successful transplants???Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated

Yes, don’t do it, not at 20 and not in Turkey. See this blog post here: https://baldingblog.com/22-year-old-received-a-hair-transplant-of-2800-grafts-from-reddit/ This explains the many reasons why you shouldn’t do it now. Get a good doctor who can work with you on a Personalized Master Plan that will insure that you will keep your hair, one way or another, through your entire life. I have had many patients who I worked with (see here for a couple of examples with photos:https://baldingblog.com/difference-between-norwood-class-7-patients-with-photos/ ). Be smart about your hair, please don’t dive into hair transplants now for your own sake.

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