I had 5500 FUE grafts and the back of my head is no longer full looking (photo)

An FUE hair transplant depletes the donor area.  The greater the number of grafts, the greater the depletion and the see-through look you will develop. Each patient should research this subject before having an FUE with a large number of grafts. 5000 grafts for most people might be a bit too-much but that depends upon the original donor density you have. What is bothering me about the photo is that the surgeon who harvested your donor area went very high, well above the permanent zone which means that some of the grafts may fall out eventually if your balding pattern moves into your crown. More balding will also cause the scars from the FUE to show on your crown. That might imply that the surgeon made his/her decisions based upon their need for money if he/she charged you by the graft, not for your benefit. If you had this done in Turkey, then clearly whoever did your surgery had no clue as to what was permanent hair and what is not.


depleted donor 7

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