If I Stay Healthy Can I Delay Balding?

I recently saw a few posts here talking about expressing gene in hairloss. For example, you said workout may precipitate hairloss or bad habits (smoking & drinking) could also make the hairloss occur ahead of the time, so I am wondering are these factors the triggers for hairloss? If I keep a good health condition which means I can delay my hairloss? Provided that I have the gene of hairloss, thank you.

Staying healthy is always a good idea. You’ll live longer and maybe your hair loss can be delayed a bit or maybe not. Hair ‘apoptosis’ (hair follicle death) is probably programmed in our DNA and genes. If you have the gene for hair loss, it will happen. Drugs, such as Propecia, seem to slow the process down or even seem to pause it. However even drugs do not completely stop the inevitable genetic predisposition.

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  1. sajan lavate
    sajan lavate says:

    It is true that the natural death of the follicles cannot be stopped unless with use of minoxidil it can be delayed. But when it comes to a proper diet, most of us are deficient in one or the other nutrient which can result in hair loss .in my case I have found it the hard way.I was suffering from excessive hairfall and realised that i need a good diet but my work involved a lot of travelling and hectic work hours and my hair kept falling.so i started hair skin and nail supplements.I was able to stop hairfall in a matter of days and even I could see new hair growth. I have been using these supplements for the past 8 months now and I have got back my hairs:)I dont know if I have a balding gene or not but diet does play a role.
    Ps: I have used Liferoots hair skin and nail tablets as supplement.I picked itup at a medical store in pune but was unable to find it in calcutta so ordered online. In case you dont find it the second option I tried for sometime was hairglow from crystal life science. I hope my post will help.

  2. chetan
    chetan says:

    Hi Sajan,
    Can u please let me know as where in pune you used to buy liferoots hair and nails supplements as i have tried many places but failed to get it.


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