I’m Suicidal Because of Hair Loss

Growing up my hair used to be an a big part of who I was (I had long hair), and although it wasn’t attractive, I always felt safe and confortable having a thick mop-head hair.

Now I’m 18 and I’ve been balding for a year and a half and not one day I haven’t thought about my hair. It’s getting worse and I know it’s not “that bad” (like my sister says) but I think I have dysphoria because it feels horrible, and I’m always conscious about hiding it, always.  I don’t want to shave it because I have an ugly (thanks flat head syndrome) skull, but I’ll do it if it means I’ll stop thinking about it.

It depresses me to the point of suicidal thoughts, I’ve never felt this uncomfortable in my body before and I hate it.  Literally considering wearing a wig, if I can pass it off, just anything, to make me stop thinking about it

If you are in Southern California, please visit me (no charge) and we can sit down and discuss your hair loss problem and what you can do about it. I believe that with proper planning, a man can keep his hair throughout his entire life, regardless of his hair loss genetics but that requires a Master Plan with a good doctor who cares about you. If you are not in the LA area, let me know where you are, and maybe I can recommend such a doctor for you.

Please consider taking to someone trained in assistance regarding your thoughts of self harm.

https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ tel:1-800-273-8255

Get a virtual consultation with Dr. William Rassman and Dr. Jae Pak for hair loss options. You can learn more by scheduling an appointment.

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