Inherited, who do I take after

I feel like my rate of loss isn’t as bad as my grandpas and line’s up better with my uncles. However they lost more overall than my great grandfather, which I attribute to their father’s influence. Neither of them were as bad as his though. I can’t tell if they had crown loss like I do, my uncles seemed to just recede from front to back while I started at the crown and eventually the temples. I believe my grandfather was a diffuse thinner.

Best case scenario is that I take exactly after my great grandfather, his hairline was fairly far back but it looked more or less like a full head of hair, kinda Richard Nixon territory. -but considering he started losing hair about… 100-ish years ago? There’s not many people I can query about regarding the rate it happened. Nor any pictures where I can see his crown.

Today, drugs like finasteride which slow down the loss were not available with your grandfather or other relatives, so you can modify your end balding stage and with a good hair transplant, you can bypass what happened to them.  Look at yesterday’s  post about a 10 year finasteride study, it shows that men with less severe hair loss, may gain hair with finasteride.

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