Massive infection from a hair transplant performed in Turkey (photo)

I suspect that this man may have had this surgery performed in a less than clean clinic with unskilled people who may not have been doctors and didn’t understand sterility as a concept.  I don’t know the outcome but as a doctor in Europe sent on this photo, I suspect that this man will be treated properly now.  This photo should be a warning to those in my readership who shop for bargain hair transplants in Turkey (there are good doctors in Turkey but they don’t charge $1/graft or less). This, regardless of the price this man paid for his bargain hair transplant, it will be a most expensive hair transplant to get him back to where he needs to be. His looks and his health are on the line.



The red you see is blood draining from green and yellow pus pockets.  This man has many ‘boils’ or infected cysts possibly starting from a hair graft. Each one of these need to have a surgeon drain them.  Once they are all drained and the bacteria cultured, the patient will be put on antibiotics and as new infected cysts appear, they will be drained again. Eventually good surgical draining and antibiotics will calm this down.  He will have some scarring left and most of the hair grafts will probably die.  Once he is recovered, a good surgeon will reassess his donor supply and hopefully he might have enough donor hair to redo the transplant. This process from infection to a new hair transplant could take up to a year.

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