Men should be comfortable being bald

The point is there’s no need to reinforce this belief that everybody needs to have hair. That mentality obviously benefits the hair loss industry. Some guys can’t get over the fact that they’re losing their hair and will go to far lengths to preserve whatever they can. But there’s no shame in being bald and if your hair is a main source of self esteem, I recommend taking steps to fix that because nice hair won’t get you that far in life.

Hair loss has been important throughout the ages. From a historical perspective, hair loss was very common in the cities when TB ran wild. That was why a woman looked for a hairy man to qualify a man as a prospective husband. If a man lost his hair, the presumption was that they had TB and would probably die from it, not living long enough to provide family support for the long term. This created a lot of myths that have stayed with us in one way or another today. It is also imporant to know that the hair restoration business will hit $30 Billion for 2025, now at something like $6+ Billion and the hair cosmetics industry is today over $20 Billion and growing fast to make you WANT to not be bald.  This is the power of money today because if you retain the bald look, no one can make money from you, its free!

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