Men who take testosterone and then lose their hair

I was on Androgel since august 2018 after being diagnosed at 208 nG/dL. The reason I got myself diagnosed in the first place was because of my high pitched voice and lack of (muscle) development. While I was on TRT, I did feel slightly stronger and my biceps did get bulkier and feel significantly firmer to the touch (and I don’t work out). However, around the turn of 2019 I noticed my hair was noticeably thinner. I had always had a dense forest of hair on my head ever since I remember. That changed only after I started TRT. I quit Androgel cold turkey in January, but the damage was done. My hair kept deteriorating so I got a DHT test: 747.67 pg/ml. (Normal range: 250 – 990)

I then got on Dutasteride for a month, but taking it didn’t seem to help so I tested my DHT again while I was on it: 1110.8 pg/ml.

I have since stuck to Finasteride, and my DHT levels dropped to 590 pg/ml then rose to 990 pgml. My ferretin was measured at 48 ng/ml on a range of 30 to 440.

My hair is worse than ever. I have a noticeable bald spot on my crown and my hairline has receded noticeably. My hair now parts naturally in a very noticeable path, looks like severe diffuse thinning. I started fin in march and mine in June, but my hair is worse than ever and sheds more than 100 hairs daily. Hair is frizzy and curly whereas it was straight before trt. Shed hairs are much thinner towards the bulb.

I wish I never took TRT. My hair was fine before TRT and that was not the only thing Androgel affected. I wish I could rewind time back to last year and convince my younger self not to make this irreversible decision.

Unfortunately, many men who go on Testosterone therapy lose their hair if they have the genes for balding. Many older man who had minimal hair loss and then take T therapy, start losing their hair big-time

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