One hundred and two days later on finasteride

Each man below has his own finasteride story, from good to bad

It’s been 102 days since I first expressed my excitement about hopping on fin. Lots of very negative comments, some supportive. But after 3 and a half months, on propecia I honestly could not be happier.

Major diffuse thinning as well as obvious recession at my temples…have all gone!

My temples and juvenile hairline are about 50% restored, my hair hasn’t looked this good and thick in many years

Man #2:

24 male. Been on minoxidil since 1.5 yr and finasteride since 5 months. But all I’ve grown if thin baby vellus hairs. Will these ever become terminal

Man #3:

I’ve been on Fin (1mg) around 45 days now and I’m thinking about stopping. My libido is very low and I can get an erection but not fully hard. I’m only 20 years old so I want to take care of my sexual health not worrying about ED in the future. I’ve got a visual bald spot and my hairline isn’t great, I’m very self conscious about my hair and I really wouldn’t look good being bald. So I’m not sure what to do, is there anything I can do for my hair that doesn’t require me taking Finasteride?

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