One Step Closer To Stem Cells and Generating New Hair

Dr. Rassman, you probably already saw this, but I thought it was pretty interesting:
In a new study, Sanford-Burnham researchers have used human pluripotent stem cells to generate new hair. The study represents the first step toward the development of a cell-based treatment for people with hair loss. – See more HERE

It seems like a great step forward in generating new hair from stem cells.

This is terrific research showing the hair can be grown from stem cells. This has been done before and when it was transplanted as shown in the photograph, the hair grew in all direction and eventually killed the mice from infected ingrown hairs. It is no small challenge to get all of the hair lined up at the top of the dermis so that they break through the epidermis just as a new hair grows in when it comes out of telogen (sleep phase) and into anagen (growth phase). The challenge in front of this breakthrough is no small chore, but from the economics shown in the article, the reward for any company solving the mystery might make that company very rich!

Let’s hope the research can branch further into a clinical model in humans. If you’re wondering how long this may be… I don’t know.

The research paper is HERE

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