One Year and Finasteride Failed Me

I am 24 years old guy who started losing hair 2 years ago I remember not long time after the girl I loved left me for another guy, anyways I’ve been obsessed with my hairloss for a long time, it was killing me mentally everyday, and making me depressed and sad, losing will and motivation to do anything in life.  I have been using Finasteride since 07.08.2018(exactly year ago). and I missed a dose or two over a whole year. Final review? It didn’t work for me unfortunately . I’ve lost a lot more hair then I had exactly a year ago. I have always seen comments on this site, over this year for how long I’ve been on it, comments like “I never saw a thread from some guy saying he still lost hair on Finasteride, everybody halts hairloss or even regrows, Finasteride works like 100%”. Well then I didn’t make it brothers, sadly….  Maybe I should consider Dutasteride?

You have to have a good doctor to discuss this with. Dutasteride is something that many doctors don’t prescribe because it is not FDA approved for hair loss. Have you considered what you would do if dutasteride didn’t work? A good doctor can keep hair on you, one way or the other. Hair transplants always work as an option that many take.

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