How To Remove A Tattoo – A Review of the Science Behind Scalp MicroPigmentation & Tattoos

This is an excellent discussion of how to apply a traditional body tattoo. Posted by Destin at SmarterEveryDay This is an excellent discussion of how to remove a traditional body tattoo Worth a viewing. Posted by Destin at SmarterEveryDay Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is essentially a specially applied tattoo where a pigment is deposited under your

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) Review with Depleted Donor Area, Scarring & Thinning – Before & After Photos

This patient had almost everything that could go wrong with hair transplantation including: Scalp reductions, multiple hair transplants and depletion of his donor area from the multiple surgeries in the past. More hair transplants were not an option. His results showed thinning but on the brighter side of things, he felt that he did not

Scalp MicroPigmentation SMP Review For Alopecia Totalis (Before After Photos)

This patients Scalp MicroPigmentation SMP Review is a case of Alopecia Totalis. He has absolutely no hair on his body. Even his eyebrows you see in the photo is a prosthetic he glues on. SMP recreated a hairline and even his side temples. SMP even recreated a sideburn! Our website is