Scabs, Burns, Brittle Hair After Bleaching by a Hairdresser

(female) I recently had my hair bleached from black to blonde by a hairdresser. They put 1 and a half big boxes of bleach onto my hair, which was very dry anyway, then put clear bags over it and sat me underneath the heat for 20 mins. He told me that he’d never tried this before, but it ‘should’ work. My hair was around 5 inches past my shoulders.

As a result of this, my hair on the left side of my head snapped off, so it is all around 3 inches in length, at the longest points. I also have burns on my head, which I obviously can’t see, but are extremely uncomfortable. They have scabbed up in the past few days, and this was done exactly a week ago. What will happen to my hair? Will it fall out with the scab? And do I have any rights, enabling me to take legal action?

I cannot give you any legal advice on your situation. You should see a lawyer for that.

Many men and women use bleach to lighten their hair color, but this can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Bleach is a chemical that causes irritation to skin and may even cause burns. If you are considering any legal action, you should at least see a doctor for an examination to medically document your burn and scabbing. A good photographic record of what is happening to you is important and these photographs should be taken often. A good doctor should be able to answer your medical questions in detail regarding your recovery and prognosis.

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