Scars from hair transplant

I got an FUT 3 years ago. My scar unfortunately is “raised” and wider than expected. I’m not sure if it just healed wrong, or surgeon error. I was originally told my hair would need to be cut to a “5” for it to be unnoticeable, but it takes more like an “8” or “9”. I use dermatch or fibers to cover it with shorter hair.

A few months ago, I decided to get SMP on it. I had 5 sessions, and the ink just didn’t stick at all. The practitioner said it was due to the scar being “raised”. This was a couple thousand dollars, so I’m not feeling great about it.

Should I have something done to the scar before attempting something like SMP again? What about grafting some hairs into the scar? I’m not sure if my scar is hypertrophic, a keloid, or what. I just don’t want to spend more money on something that won’t work.

We treat raised scars with Kenalog injections which flatten then out (sometimes it takes a few months and more than one injection). Then I do the SMP into normal scars. See here:

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