Shock loss and how to prevent it

From my understanding hair that falls out due to shock loss usually grows back (in the recipient area) unless the hair is weak and almost ready to not grow again (which is usually right next to the area of transplantation) . So my question is since you can remove hair follicles could you remove the thin wispy hairs and replace with dht resistant ones so if shock loss occurs it will grow back and not ruin the success of the transplant?

If shock loss occurs and you are under 30, the hair that is lost if miniaturized, will not usually come back. I say 30, because the older you are, the less likely that shock loss will impact your hair. If you are under 25 (I don’t usually perform surgeries on men under 25), the shock loss is worse and the lost hair with a hair transplant is almost always permanent. The use of finasteride, often thwarts this process. When I perform a hair transplant, I look at where I place the DHT resistant hairs, many times in the areas where advanced miniaturization is present, especially in the younger men.

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