Should I do FUE or FUT, I am confused?

Been to two different consultations now and want to decide between FUT and FUE. Both surgeons I spoke to didnt have a big preference between the two, which I was surprised by. They mentioned that with a skilled surgeon FUT scar shouldn’t be visible, as long as you care for it properly.

The cost difference is significant. For reference I have a really good donor area, NW4. If I have a thin scar in back i really don’t care, as long as it’s not huge.

Second question is that I dont want to take fin. I already have mild ED issues so I don’t want to risk it, neither does my soon to be fiance. Has anyone had success with HT and just minoxidil?

I have written extensively on my website about the differences between FUE and the strip surgery: As the person who pioneered FUE, I am an authority on it. FUE is a great surgery if (1) you have a great surgeon doing it, (2) the surgeon who does it has good judgements on placing the distribution of the FUE excisions so that they are not clumped together and they don’t cause necrosis of the donor area and (3) they know how to handle the grafts to keep them viable for removal and until they are placed back in the head. Add to that, patient selection is critical as people with very fine hair and/or low density often make poor candidates for FUE. I believe that if you are going to develop a very advanced balding pattern, then the strip surgery is better because FUE causes donor site depletion when too many FUE grafts are removed from the donor area as shown here:

I have had 3 strip surgeries and I don’t have a scar that anyone can see. This man had about 4 strip surgeries and a few FUE surgeries and look at his donor area: His scars were not very prominent but he had Scalp Micropigmentation just to be sure that nobody would be able to see them as the photos show.

Finasteride will prevent shock loss which is common in young men under 30.

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