Side effects from oral minoxidil

What do the side effects generally feel like, for lack if a better word. ive been monitoring my blood pressure daily, and ive been keeping an eye on my heart rate as habit for a while now. Both have been consistent and continue to be consistent 3 days into oral minox, but i cant shake the feeling that somethings a bit off. Ive been experiencing mild chest discomfort for months since starting adhd treatment, but having had a full check up done on my cardiovascular health (ekg, bloods, xray), everything was fine. This discomfort feels more pronounced with oral minoxidil, but I cant tell if its in my head or not. It will go away and come back occasionally, and i can exercise for a while feeling fine until i start getting worried about it and then it becomes noticeable.

could it be a result of heavy weight lifting? I lift regularly, but i feel like the discomfort should be uniform across my chest then right? When i press the cartilage near my breastbone, there is pain on the left side, as well as when i press the area of my left pec near my collarbone.

You need to have a serious discussion with your doctor

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