SMP and worried about turning gray

I’m 28 and have been on fin for just over 2 years. My hairloss was very slow and minor so it’s kept it completely stable. I do however feel my hair whorl is more prominent than it should be though and have been looking into micropigmentation as apparently it’s very good for something incredibly minor like this where a transplant would be ridiculous.

Has anybody had it done when they still have a ton of hair? I know it can look very un natural when it’s done all over on a bald head but I still thankfully have a ton of hair and only want it in a very small area. My concern is if it lasts for 6-7 years I could go grey in that time (only 4-5 grey hairs at the moment) and then the dark shading might shine through my grey hair and look weird. I’ve also heard micropigmentation turns blue or green over time? Lastly, if I ever did need to shave my head (god forbid) in X amount of years it would look super weird then if I had a very small patch of micropigmentation on the back of my head. I heard it can be lasered off quite easily but I presume you wouldn’t want to do that if you still have healthy hair follicles as that could kill them off?

The tattoo inks should be a shade of gray so that they stand up over time to the graying of your hair. That is the way we do it and it has been effective with many happy patients. See our website here: A special type of laser can remove it, or you can increase its use as your balding progresses. We have had many patient who followed up with hair transplants sometime after they got it.

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