I Stopped Propecia After I Had A Reversal Of My Hair Loss – Will It Now Come Back If I Restart it?

hi doctor im 30 years old and took propecia for 3 years with amazing results. Prior to propecia my hair was horrible, thin, and was losing it. Then I started propecia and after 3 years my hair was amazing, thick, looked like when I was 20 years old again. it looked thick and amazing, it was like a miracle drug. A year ago I stopped it because I didn’t know I had to take it6 everyday forever and stupid me didn’t even consult my doctor. worst mistake I ever made. and my hair loss has picked up and looks thin and just like it was before propecia and even worse. I went to my doctor and got a script and started again last week. My doctor said it should help again and I should gain back what I lost but he is a regular family doctor, and I want an experts opinion. Will I get the same results again now that I have started taking it again? I hope I get the same hair I had a year ago back. In your opinion from your experience people who have stopped and re started does it work and bring you back to before? or all that beautiful hair I hair on propecia is gone and will only keep what I have now?

I can’s say what will happen in your case. Chances are that there will be some advantages to go back on it, but the full benefit you had will be a touch challenge. This is the reason that having a good doctor and keeping an eye on your repose is so important. You must have had yearly renewal requirements that this would have been saving you all of this grief.

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