Suicide and hair loss

Suicide happens in association with balding young men. I have seen it a few times and it is tragic.  This should never be taken lightly as anyone who threatens suicide are reaching out for help

17, I regressed from a NW 2 to NW 3 in just a few fucking months. My “peninsula” is just 1 inch wide at best, and I had to have a combover which is extremely uncomfortable for months now. My scalp itches so much, and it fucking radiates pain. It’s seriously taking a major toll on my mental health, I’m starting to hate everyone who has hair, which is like 99.999% of teens my age. I hate it so much, and the worst part it i can’t do anything about it. Minox and fin aren’t available yet, and even if they are they’re too expensive for me to afford consistently for months. feel like shit, i got finals on monday and this thing hindered me from studying for 6 months now. I can’t buzz it cause my head shape looks like shit and no one buzzes it at my age, especially since im in an asian country. I have been having suicidal thoughts the whole time, and my mind has been all over the place i can’t even write this structurally. It sounds stupid but this thing is seriously making me lose spirit in life. I really want to off myself

MY ANSWER:  See a good doctor and establish a good relationship with that doctor. An expert physician in this field will work with you and follow balding if and when it occurs to help you keep your hair. I can tell you affirmatively, that I can give a solution to every young man who is balding, so if you are in Southern California, come see me, if not, tell me where you are and I can connect you to a good doctor.

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