Taking Propecia and Having a Child

Hi dear Dr Rassman

I am a 43 years old man which have taken Propecia (1 mg) for 7 months. I know taking the said pill for women is forbidden and they should not even touch it. So, if a man who is taking Propecia and want to bring a baby, he should stop using the pill before intercourse with his wife? I mean the finasteride dose not transfer through the sperm.

If the answer is yes, how long before intercourse the man should stop using the Propecia?

Your soonest reply will be appreciated. Thank you

After extensive studies in this very issue, we know that the drug is not transmitted to the woman through sexual intercourse. We have not seen the problems of fetus sexual differentiation in women who were fertilized by men taking this drug at the 1mg dose for hair loss. It is generally considered safe to have a successful pregnancy while a man is taking finasteride (Propecia).

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  1. Tex
    Tex says:

    FrederickR, you first claim that there are dozens of cases of sexual ambiguity available in the Medwatch database, but when you are challenged to present the evidence, you are not able to provide any. Then you go forward to claim BiotechMD is a Merck shill, or otherwise working for the company? It sounds to me you are simply stating things as factual with no evidence other than hearsay, and when someone calls you on it, you go on to say they must work for Merck.

    I’m not supporting Finasteride here, because I personally haven’t looked into this particular issue. But you are unable to support your statements in any way shape or form, and go on to accusations as your backup stance? It’s quite childish if you ask me.

  2. FrederickR
    FrederickR says:

    LOL. Tex I didn’t call BiotechMD a “shill”. What I did is I asked him if he was associated with Merck in any way past or present and he still hasn’t responded. I think he probably isn’t associated with Merck but I just wanted to ask. You seem really defensive for no good reason.

    Also, the evidence that I am provided comes from the word of my doctor who has investigated the FDA post-marketing reports. I asked Dr. Rassman and Biotech MD if they knew anything of this but they didn’t or chose not to reply in the case of Dr. Rassman. This isn’t a hearing, so I am not sure why you are asking for a nearly impossible standard of proof. The point of this blog is to discuss matters reasonably. If you are so defensive, which you appear to be, I suggest looking into the FDA reports yourself which will speak for themself.

    The evidence I have given is at the same level as Dr. Rassman’s blogs which are just word of mouth from a doctor so if you choose to accept one as valid you should accept this. There isn’t much else to say unless you want to email the FDA and do any further research. Personally, I put a lot of trust in my doctor who is exceedingly brilliant and does treat hair loss patients in his practice so he isn’t biased.

    Still waiting to hear if Biotech MD will choose to respond to this message. LOL!

  3. hank
    hank says:

    Of course if you are cutting PROSCAR into pieces make sure the pregnant woman doesnt handle any cut tablet or residue.


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