Terrible Folliculitis on a Patient After a Hair Transplant (Photo)

This is a complication of a hair transplant, about as bad as one can get. This is massive folliculitis with pus draining from many of the pus pockets on his head (look carefully and you can see this). One might ask why this happened and I would make the following comments:

  1. In over 16,000 hair transplant procedure in the 8 different offices I have operated, I have never seen anything like this in my practice.
  2. This is most likely the result of a breakdown of the clean/sterile environment required for any surgical procedure, including the use of sterilized equipment, surgical tools and sterile disposable gauze, gloves and the like.
  3. This patient should have sought medical attention way before these pustules advanced to such a level.
  4. Each and every one of these pustules requires drainage by a surgeon and a culture and sensitivity for the bacteria that has caused this. This is critical for a successful rapid recovery because sometimes the antibiotic is not the correct antibiotic to kill the identified bacteria. The lab which tests for antibiotic sensitivities will tell which antibiotic will work to kill these bacteria. Infections with staphylococcus are often resistant to many antibiotics, so such tests are critically important when treating such a condition.
  5. His chance of losing the hair grafts that were transplanted is high




















This picture recovered from a medical forum

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