Trans woman with minoxidil question

I’m a trans woman, what should I be using as a dosage for minoxidil? 2x a day is for men, 1x a day is what’s recommended for (cis) women. 2x a day doesn’t really work with my lifestyle, I’m growing my hair out and slathering that slimy stuff into my roots before stepping out every morning isn’t realistic.

To my own data, I’ve been using the (men’s) 5% strength 1x a day for several months now with promising results, but I’ve got to wonder if it could be thicker. There’s almost zero testosterone in my body for well over a year now, and correspondingly no DHT.

How worried should I be about missing a day? I’m generally really good at consistently applying once to the crown every night before my head hits the pillow, but very rarely, like last night, I completely forgot and now I’m stressing about losing my crown and needing to chop off everything. 

Minoxidil 5% works well for men and women. Skipping a day is not a problem just don’t make it a habit.

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