Transecting a normal hair, what happens

Is it possible for someone to get a transplant basically without affecting follicles that may be able to be saved still on the hair line without damaging them? I have a very diffuse hairline and am wondering if a good hair transplant doc could like weave transplant hairs in with the current for extra thickness. I think would look pretty good thanks

Transplanting a person with existing hair and transplanting into that area is a problem when the hairs are miniaturized. Miniaturization usually indicates the end of a hair’s life and if a hair transplant is done in these areas, then the hair loss of the miniaturized hairs gets accelerated. If you think about your question, if the hair was not miniaturized, then it would be unlikely to need a hair transplant in that area. I personally believe that if you ‘stabbed’ a good hair follicle, it would just bounce back and grow normally, even if it went through a shed and that is because the stem cells that back up these hairs know that the hair must be there and the hair cycling clock is always ticking on a normal “Terminal’ hair. I have seen some men transplanted who didn’t need a hair transplant and when I measured their hair bulk with the HAIRCHECK instrument, I found increases in hair bulk well above their normal level (using their donor site as a reference). In those young men, I knew that the doctors who did their hair transplants, did them for NO REASON other than MAKE MONEY off the backs of these naive men who didn’t do their research to find a caring, competent and HONEST doctor.

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