Transplant units/grafts vs hair follicles

How many hairs are usually in each graft/unit? Got a transplant quote for 2500-3000 hair follicles. Wonder what does this mean in terms of grafts

Surgeons shouldn’t confuse you with poor language. A graft or a follicular unit contains from 1-5 hairs. Most doctors today transplant follicular units and at the time of the surgery, they keep an accounting of the actual number of follicular units and the number of hairs in each unit. Yesterday, I did a hair transplant on a 60 year old man with 3680 follicular units transplanted from a strip surgery. His natural follicular units had a very low hair count and 1700 of them had single hairs in them, the rest had only 2 hairs. So that means that he received 5660 hairs in the 3680 grafts. He had the worst hair (very fine) and the worst balding (Class 7 pattern for many years), and I suspect he will end up with light coverage and that is what I told him. Eventually, I plan on performing Scalp Micropigmentation under the hair transplants to make the look much fuller. I have done this many times and it works nicely. Setting up expectations is critical to getting a happy patient and that is what I do as I spend a lot of time with each patient letting them know what is going to happen to them, good or bad. I published an article on this subject with FUE which is now gaining traction by doctors from around the world as I predicted combining hair transplants with Scalp Micropigmentation (

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