What about using body hair for a hair transplant?

I’m a black male with curly hair that I keep cut very short, I was wondering if I get a hair transplant would I be able to use chest/stomach(I have a lot) hairs as donor hairs since I’m never gonna try to grow my hair out past 5-10 mm?

Chest and abdominal hair is not same character of scalp hair and add to that it only grows out a short time (6 months) and then goes into sleep mode (telogen for 6 months) so the value is not really there and the length is limited as well. Scalp hair grows out for a few years and allows the full character of your hair to show. Unless you don’t have any scalp hair, I would recommend a scalp donor source for the hair transplant, not the chest or abdomen. Beard hair is a reasonable alternative option if you don’t have scalp hair as beard hair grows out for a few years and has a strong character to it, but it shouldn’t be used on the frontal hairline.

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